Cajun Chicken Pasta

Total Time:
25 min
10 min
15 min

6 servings

  • 1 pound fettuccine
  • About 3 teaspoons Cajun spice mix
  • 3 whole boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into cubes
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 whole green bell pepper, seeded and sliced
  • 1 whole red bell pepper, seeded and sliced
  • 1/2 large red onion, sliced
  • Salt
  • 4 whole Roma tomatoes, diced
  • 2 cups low-sodium chicken broth
  • 1/2 cups white wine
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • Cayenne pepper, for sprinkling
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Chopped fresh parsley, for garnish

Cook the pasta according to package directions. Drain when the pasta is still al dente; do not overcook!

Sprinkle 1 1/2 teaspoons Cajun spice (or more) over the chicken cubes. Toss around to coat. Heat 1 tablespoon butter and 1 tablespoon oil in a heavy skillet over high heat. Add half the chicken in a single layer; do not stir. Allow the chicken to brown on one side, about 1 minute. Flip to the other side and cook an additional minute. Remove with a slotted spoon and place on a clean plate. Repeat with the remaining chicken. Remove the chicken, leaving the skillet on high heat. Add the remaining butter and olive oil. When heated, add the garlic, peppers and onions. Sprinkle on the remaining Cajun spice, and add salt if needed. Cook over high heat for 1 minute, stirring gently and trying to get the vegetables as dark/black as possible. Add the tomatoes and cook for an additional 30 seconds. Remove all the vegetables from the skillet.

With the skillet still over high heat, pour in the chicken broth and wine. Cook for 3 to 5 minutes, scraping the bottom of the pan to deglaze. Reduce the heat to medium-low and pour in the cream, stirring/whisking constantly. Cook the sauce over medium-low heat for a few minutes, until the cream starts to thicken the mixture. Taste and add freshly ground black pepper, cayenne pepper, and/or salt to taste. The sauce should be spicy!

Finally, add the chicken and vegetables to the sauce, making sure to include all the juices that have drained onto the plate. Stir and cook until the mixture is bubbly and hot, 1 to 2 minutes. Add the drained fettuccine and toss to combine.

Top with chopped fresh parsley and chow down!

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    I just made this tonight, with a few changes and add-ins. My husband loved it! I made is just like the recipe states but I added mushrooms. To thicken the sauce, I added a teaspoon of cornstarch to about 1/4 c. water and stirred it, then added it to the sauce. After adding it to the sauce, I whisked it for about a minute before adding the chicken, veggies, and pasta.
    This recipe was delicious! The spices definitely gave it a kick, but my family loves spicy food. The sauce did not thicken as much as I thought it would. It's more like a marinade to the pasta than a sauce. It still gave it a great flavor. I will definitely be cooking this more.
    Its delicious! I used less seasoning because my hubby don't like spicy food. The reason I gave 4-stars because its takes long to thicken the sauce. I had to bring the heat from medium-low to medium-high instead in order to get my desired sauce thickness.
    5 stars for flavor, it's seriously tasty and the chicken is tender. Made as written, seasoned very liberally with the cajun spice. The only caution I would heed is it took WAY longer to make than stated with the browning time and the fact that, as many other readers noted, it did not thicken. I had to use two rounds of a flour mixture to get it even close to what I thought it should've reduced to, but in the end was totally worth the result.
    This was amazing.....and spicy. I didn't have any cayenne pepper but a little red pepper flakes in the sauce worked just as well... The sauce is a little loose but i like that. For those that say it doesn't thicken, once you add the pasta and let it rest, you should find that it becomes a little less loose, and the sauce sticks to the pasta more. Definitely making this again!
    I go to print it and the print is so small I had a hard time reading the recipes, please tell food network to do something about. I made the recipe and it tasted so good.
    I thought this recipe would be really yummy but the sauce never thickened and it didn't have much flavour to it. Definitely not making it again.
    I was so excited to try this recipe, but it turned out to be a huge disappointment. For one, my sauce never thickened, even after adding cornstarch. This made for a very sloppy dish to eat, as it was splashing everywhere. Secondly, it completely lacked flavor, any flavor. I would have never imagined this, considering all the flavorful ingredients. I added cayenne, more Cajun seasoning and plenty of salt, but it didn't make a difference. All it tasted like was plain heavy cream on pasta. A waste of time since it took a while to prep this whole meal.
    Saw this on the show this morning (3/16) and made a double batch for dinner this evening, served half and froze the rest. Enjoyed by all. As I recall, the cajun spice mix was 2 parts black pepper, 2 parts garlic powder, 2 parts paprika, and 1 part cayenne pepper. Or at least that's the way I mixed it.
    Penzey's Spices makes a Cajun seasoning. If you don't have a store nearby, you can order it online.
    I couldn't find the recipe for the cajun mix so I used the McCormick blends cajun seasoning. The pasta came out great!!! thanks Ree :)
    I didn't find her recipe for Cajun spice mix, but found a recipe for it on another page. (It made a BIG BATCH of seasoning, so I hope to find some other recipes to use it in. I really liked the flavor of this dish, and wish I had read the other reviews, because it was very disappointing that it did not thicken up. It would have been so much better with a thicker sauce. It was nice and spicy, but not thick enough. I will make it again and maybe do it with shrimp instead of chicken.
    If you ever need to thicken a sauce, take some corn starch(1 tblsp :4 oz hot water. stir together until dissolved and add to the sauce. Bam! Thickened suace. 
    I like this better than the calorie bomb cream. Just a matter of choice.)
    This is sooooo good! Better than any restaurant version I have ever tried. I buy mcormick blends "gourmet selection" cajun spice mix, and it is perfect. I liberally season the chicken with it, and then add more to the sauce. If im making this when the kids arent home, i add some cayenne pepper to make it extra spicy. I've never had a problem with the sauce being thin... make sure you use heavy cream. Don't substitute milk! And once you add the pasta, let it cook in the pan for a minute. The pasta will soak up some of the sauce, and it will get nice and thick and creamy. Yum!!!!!  
    I am not seeing the recipe for the Cajun spice mix does anyone know it? gave it a 2 star because I havent tried it yet.
    How can you give it two stars without trying it?
    You shouldn't rate a recipe that you haven't tried -- you can buy cajun seasoning at the store or you can do a search at for Cajun seasoning and use Mirj's . It's the best ever.
    This was a huge disappointment. I felt like I cooked the wine and broth down twice as long as stated, as well as the cream. But still, the sauce stayed so runny and thin. Followed recipe exactly and rarely have issues. Made Emeril' similar dish a while ago and was just so much better.
    This recipe is great! The only negative thing I could say is that it took much longer than 25 minutes to get the sauce to absorb into the pasta and thicken. But once it is right, this pasta is perfect and great for a crowd!
    AS EVERYone else had said, the sauce is too thin. It just runs all over my plate. This is my third time making and I slightly switched things around in order to thicken the sauce but overall great recipe. I make at least once a month. I use penna pasta for my children and for myself use fettuccine
    I thought this was delicious but I did make minor adjustments after reading the reviews. Before adding the chicken stock and wine I added some flour to the pan and cooked that for a minute, and even with the flour I had to let the stock and wine reduce for ten minutes before it was a nice consistency. I'll definitely make this recipe again.
    This was delicious! My husband and I made it for dinner last night. The only thing we had trouble with was the sauce thickening. We added about two tablespoons of flour to help it along. We also added mushrooms to the veggie mixture. Yummy and will feed us for a couple of nights!
    I thought mushrooms would be good in it too
    This recipe is delicious. I must disagree with the other reviewers who claim the that the sauce is too thin. I followed the recipe as written, though I used fresh linguine instead of fettuccine, and it was perfect. When you toss everything together it binds nicely. I suppose one other change I made was to simmer the sauce, once adding the cream, on medium high, versus medium low, as it needed the higher heat in order to continue reducing and thicken the sauce. This may be variable based on your stove, however. Anyway, I love the balance of flavors and that you can pass the Cajun seasoning at the table for those who prefer more spice. Also, cooking the chicken at the high temperature for just a few minutes really does seal in the juices and prevent it from becoming too dry, which can sometimes happen when chicken is cut into small pieces. This is an absolutely wonderful recipe.
    Love, love, love this recipe. I did double the Cajun spice. Will be making this again!
    I made the recipe as is! [some reviewers make changes and say they're reviewing Ree's recipe which they are NOT!!]. Ree's recipe was delicious!! Plan to include it in my favorite recipes.
    Every time I see a recipe from this lady, I try it. It was awesome! I like the way her recipes flow. 
    She has the cutest, respectful kids too!
    I absolutely loved this dish and so did my entire family (and two of the neighbor kids! I did make a few changes: Doubled the Cajun Seasoning. (We like spice Added Louisiana Hot Sauce (about 6 dashes when I was making the sauce in the pan. Used lime juice of one small lime during meat cooking time. Omitted white wine and added 1/2 cup more of the stock. Used thigh meat instead of breast meat. Did have to use a little corn starch to stiffen it up a bit at the end, but all in all, it was a FANTASTIC dish and one that I will make again and again! Served it with some southern style spicy slow cooker green beans and it was the perfect meal for all in my family.
    This is so delicious. We want more shows of this wonderful chef. We are so tired of all the Ina shows. They are on all day. Everything that Ree cooks is so delicious.  
    Absolutely delish!!! I had to use a sweet wine...that is all I had on hand. But, really amazing! Thank you Ree!!!!
    AMAZING pasta recipe. I actually made this years ago, but thought of it again recently and was like ..."oh yeah! How could I forget THAT recipe? [slaps forehead]. SUPER flavorful and nice and spicy. SO good. Will be making again soon.....make that VERY soon.
    This has become one of my quick dinner stand by's, it so flavorful and easy to make. i have started to reduce the amount of heavy cream for a thicker sauce as mine always is a better watery. I might try the wondra flour as someone else suggested. But overall another great dish. :
    This was great! I seasoned my chicken with garlic powder, salt, pepper and the Cajun seasoning (because nothing is complete without garlic powder, salt and pepper. I had to leave a review on this because there were only 30 reviews and it tasted that good! I used a moscato wine because that's all I had in my house and I forgot to buy it at the store haha. Next time I may use a dryer wine because I think the moscato made it sweet, but it was still delicious. If you want to have feeling of what it tastes like, try the Cajun chicken & shrimp pasta at TGI Fridays. It tastes like that but better. You won't be disappointed!
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