Glazed Baked Ham

Total Time:
2 hr 50 min
20 min
2 hr 30 min

16 servings

  • 1 fully cooked ham, bone-in (18 to 20 pounds)
  • Whole cloves
  • 3 cups brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup spicy brown mustard
  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 1 can soda, such as Dr. Pepper

Preheat the oven to 325 F.

Score the surface of the ham in a diamond pattern about 1/8-inch deep. Place cloves in the middle of each diamond. Bake the ham for 2 to 2/12 hours, or longer, depending on the package directions.

Heat the brown sugar, mustard, vinegar and soda in a small saucepan until bubbly. Cook until thick, about 15 minutes.

After 2 hours of baking time, brush the glaze on the ham in 20 minutes intervals until it's nice and glossy.

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    This was fantastic. I used a spiral cut ham, so I didn't use the cloves. I used regular yellow mustard and regular coke. Doubled the amount of glaze and set some aside before brushing the glaze on. Used the extra glaze and poured over the sliced pieces of ham for guests who wanted more. It was delicious!! This will be my go to recipe.
    Sorry Ree. Not this time. Waste of a good Dr. Pepper. I liked the spice packet that came with the ham better. I did sprinkle the ham with ground cloves however. It was already sliced and I didn't want to press in all those cloves.
    Very delicious! My husband was impressed. I made this last Easter and I'm making it again tomorrow! I hope my M-I-L will love this too.. Big thanks Ree!
    Ree, you did it again. I baked the ham and made the gravy today. I'm pretty sure it is the best gravy that I have ever had. My husband and son loved it too. The ham glaze is so delicious. We were all very happy. Thank you for keeping us supplied with the best recipes. 
    I made this for my family on Easter Sunday and it was a big hit. Especially with the biscuits and ham gravy. I'm making it again this weekend for my son who is home on leave from South Korea. He missed Easter dinner and he is going to flip when this meal hits the table! I can always count on you, Ree. I'm making your pot roast for him, too! and we're having your Beef and Snow Peas tonight.
    I was very pleased with the glaze. Added great flavor.
    This is the 1st ham my husband & I have ever made. It was AMAZING! So much flavor and super easy! Love, love, love this recipe!
    Made this for Easter dinner - the glaze is outstanding. So easy - my family said it was the best they had eaten. Thanks Ree!
    My family decided they wanted a glazed ham this past Easter different than I did in the past and I decided to try Ree's. OMG, it was wonderful and my whole family enjoyed it. 
    Really no leftovers!!!! 
    Definitely will be doing this ham again. 
    Takes a little work, but totally worth it!!!
    I made this for dinner tonight and it was awesome!!!! My husband said it was the best ham I have made. It was so juicey and sweet. The glaze didnt turn thick like I thought it would but it still turned out great over the ham.
    The BEST ham I ever made and so beautiful too! I have been using the packaged glaze for way too long. Never again. Thanks for inspiring me to do a little extra. So worth it!
    I tried this recipe and it was delicious!!! The only thing that I would change for my individual taste is not putting the cloves on the ham. It looks pretty but I found the cloves to be a bit strong. But the glaze was delicious. Once I scored the ham then I patted extra brown sugar over the ham and followed the exact directions of Ree's recipe and it turned out great!
    I saw this episode of Sunday Brunch and was inspired! I made the ham for Easter and it was a huge success with my family. My first time making Easter dinner. My husband couldnt believe how moist it was. I didnt use the cloves, and instead of Dr Pepper, I used orange soda. Absolutely recommend it! I've found my new fav host! ;
    I tried this recipe for our Easter ham this year, reducing it by half since I was making a small ham. It was delicious and will be my go-to ham and glaze recipe from now on. I baked the ham (6.5 pounds for 1 hour covered in foil with some water in the pan, then uncovered and basted with the glaze every 10 minutes for another 30 minutes. It looked great and tasted yummy!
    this recipe is a keeper made it today for easter everyone liked it.
    YAHOO! Did this TODAY for Easter dinner...outstanding...and EASY PEASY! 
    thank you thank you thank you!
    Ree this ham is the end I basted every 5 min...just for 20 more min...moist as ever...I used a 20lb this fact, I have a large family as well, and I made the whole brunch menu...they loved it. thanks for talking to me thru my TV like I was your next door you.
    When this show is on it is the one time when I take the remote and control the TV and do not give my husband a choice. After he saw the ham when she was done cooking it he told me that he wanted me to do that for Easter. I am sure it will turn out as good as it looked. (well at least I can hope
    I don't have to taste it to rated it, I am 62 and I know it is good, i cooked for 5 kids. but a couple of things about your dinner was It was brunch, we always had mashed potatoes and you know things like that, which is great to. The egg nests was really cool and your gravy I never though to add milk to ham gravy, it puts a twist on some ole same ole, and the ham glaze wasn't to much, I must say you had my husband drooling,lol and me also...ty we are doing the whole dinner for Easter 
    Ree, You have just given me my entire menu for Easter Sunday. I'm so excited to make all the recipes from this "Sunday Brunch" show. I'm adding the "best green beans ever" as well. I know this is going to be a fantastic Easter dinner!
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