Recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart
8 hr 16 min
10 min
6 to 8 servings



Place the garlic and peppers in a very large bowl. Add the sherry vinegar and molasses. Stir until thoroughly blended. Whisk in the olive oil and salt. Add 3 sprigs of marjoram and 1/2 cup cold water. Place the steaks in the marinade, pushing them down so they are completely submerged. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 8 hours or overnight.

Prepare charcoal or gas grill, arranging coals so that 1/2 the grill is very hot and the other 1/2 is medium hot. The coals should be gray-white, without flames when you begin grilling.

For a gas grill, follow the manufacturer's instructions for adding wood chips. For the charcoal grill, sprinkle the wood chips over the hot coals and let them ignite. Wait until the flames subside, then place the steaks on the hottest side of the grill. Cover and grill for 3 minutes on the first side. Turn the steaks over and grill for 3 minutes on the second side. Move the steaks to the cooler part of the charcoal grill or turn the gas grill down to medium-high. Grill 2 minutes longer for rare, or until the steaks are done to your liking.

Transfer steaks to a cutting board and allow to rest for 10 minutes. Slice the steaks crosswise into strips about 3/4-inch wide. Serve on a large platter, garnished with sprigs of marjoram.


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