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(supplies available in bakery supply stores)


(supplies available in bakery supply stores)

Sift 3/4 of the sugar into a bowl and stir in gum tragacanth. In a separate bowl combine water and gelatin. Heat to dissolve (do not cook), remove from heat and add glucose. Pour gelatin mixture into center of sugar and mix with a wooden spoon until kneadable. Transfer to table which has been dusted with confectioners sugar, and knead until smooth. Coat lightly with shortening, wrap tightly in plastic and store in refrigerator, or freeze until needed.;


Dissolve gum arabic in water while bowl is covered with a damp cloth. Store in refrigerator. You can transfer it to a small clean nail polish bottle for use. This mixture will be used to glue flower petals to the stem wires (or to give a shine to items on which it's painted).;


Roll small piece of dough very thin (if you roll on a patterned place mat, roll until pattern is visible). Cut petal freehand. Vein with veiner mold, and then use ball tool to thin and curl edges of petal. Use the gum glue to attach 4-inch long 26 gauge wire to base of petal, and lie on foam to dry. Form stamen with small balls of dough on hooked ends of 26 gauge wire. With floral tape, tape stamen together. Tape petals, starting with the smallest, around stamen. When flower is formed, pipe centers of stamen with yellow royal icing, and tint petals with powdered food coloring.

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