Banana Cream Pudding

Total Time:
25 min
15 min
10 min

8 servings

  • 1 quart milk
  • 2 cups sugar, plus 1/4 cup sugar
  • 8 large eggs, separated, whites discarded or store for another use
  • 1 teaspoon banana extract
  • 1/3 cup bourbon
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch
  • Salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract, plus a splash
  • 2 tablespoons butter, cut into cubes
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 4 large bananas, sliced
  • 1 box vanilla wafers
  • 1/3 cup creme de banana

Scald milk, in a large sauce pot, with a pinch of the sugar (this avoids scorching the bottom of the pot).

In a mixing bowl, add egg yolks, banana extract, bourbon and 2 cups of sugar and whisk together until the mixture is pale yellow in color and thickened. Add cornstarch and mix to combine. Very slowly pour in a little of the milk mixture, you have to do it slowly to temper the mixture, (otherwise the eggs will scramble). Once fully incorporated pour the entire mixture back into the pot and place over medium heat. Stir constantly until it comes to a simmer and the mixture thickens enough that it coats the back of a wooden spoon. Remove from heat and add a pinch of salt and vanilla extract, then add butter cubes and stir to make the mixture rich and super glossy.

Transfer to a bowl and cover with plastic wrap, pressing the wrap onto the surface so it doesn't form a skin on the surface. Allow to cool.

In a large bowl, using a hand mixer, whip the cream with 1/4 cup of sugar and a splash of vanilla extract until you have stiff peaks. Set aside.

Slice bananas and add to pastry cream.

Line a small deep rectangular dish or a 10-inch pie dish with vanilla wafers. Splash with more creme de banana then cover with banana pastry cream. Top with whipped cream and refrigerate until ready to serve.

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    Was delicious and fun to make!
    I have made this recipe five times now and it has become a holiday staple for my family! It is the best banana pudding ever!! For those who have problems with this pudding setting up here's what I have learned through trial and error having it turn thin and runny on me before. Corn starch is delicate especially when still hot. I have success by letting the pudding cook to a simmer over medium low heat then let it simmer for thirty seconds over heat. Immediately remove from heat and add butter and vanilla stir these in and leave it alone. I don't transfer it to a dish yet. I place it in the fridge after I put the plastic film on top and leave it to chill. This works every time now. I don't use banana extract but use the crime de Banana on the wafers and add to the whip cream to taste. I've used the whiskey from 1/4 to 1/3 cup in the pudding just depends on how much you like it. Rave reviews every time I make it!! Thanks Tyler!! 
    Just watched Tyler make this this morning and had it recorded. He did not add "banana extract" in the pastry cream he added creme de banana. Even when he is beginning to put it together he repeats what is in the pastry cream "creme de banana" AND the bottle for the creme de banana was used when he was making the pastry cream AND to drizzle over the vanilla wafers at the end.
    This is not the first time the show has different instructions, ingedients or measurements varying with what is online. I would imagine 1 tsp banana extract is correct since he added much more of the creme de banana to the pastry cream. If he added that much as extract it would not have been good. I love Tyler and wish he still had his Ultimate show.
    I used creme de banana "to taste" and it was great. Another fabulous recipe by Tyler.



    This is my husbands favorite!!! Making it for a girls get together... Thanks Tyler
    the best ever
    This recipe is on the money! A little on the sweet side, so the next time instead of 2 cups of sugar, I'll try it with 1 1/2 cups! Other than that, delicious!! I didn't have banana extract so I used vanilla. I also layered the cookies and bananas the same way you would in a traditional banana pudding. I'll use this recipe from now on!! Thank you Tyler!!
    now that looks good.
    just made this dessert and its absolutely delicious!! i did not put any bourbon since i actually made it for my daughter because she loves bananas. and i only put a cup of sugar. the sweetness is just right. its super creamy, its sinful! very easy to make too.
    Very practical and straight forward. Delicious 
    Best recipe ever!!!! I could eat the whole dish by myself. Heavenly sweet, creamy and just plain good! I will make this all the time. Sinful! and easy. This recipe is a keeper!!! so good with the Nilla wafers. Did not have any banana extract. Used rum and brandy instead (not much at all) but is soaks up nicely in the wafers!!!!!
    taste great!
    I made this with twice now with two variations
    #1 use skim milk no bourbon and no creme de bannana instreadi bought the $1.00 size bottle of Banannaschnapps added the whole thing taste great a lil too sweet would try 1 cup and 1/2 sugar next time instead of hte full 2 cu. sugar.

    #2 No boarbon and no creme de bannnana and no schnapps, I used all hte ingredients with whole milk, it was great I refrigerated it up to 5 days covered in wrap nad used it as a filling with fresh bannanns and whip creme in a Birthday cake, it was a hit!!

    **You must constant use a med. whisk over lowto med heat, to thicken it will thicken in 15 mins at med. heat...I stirred yolk and milk together first (cold and then put on heat added hte other ingredients)Perfecto:)
    I love this recipe...the best banana pudding I have ever made.
    This in a wonderful recipe. I am not a very skilled cook, and this was very easy to make, lasted a few days.

    My husband said it is the BEST banana pudding he has ever ate, and he LOVES banana pudding.

    I used brandy instead of bourbon (as that is what I had on hand)

    I did not use the creme de banana - but on the show he drizzled it over the cookies before he put the banana's and pudding in.

    Everyone needs to give this a try!!

    This is the first time I have ever commented on a recipe!!
    This recipe is absolutely fabulous! Its not as sweet as most puddings! The flavor is outstanding! I made it for our monthly family dinner and there was none left for later!
    is supposed to be used directly on top of the egg yolks and not any time else.......
    i have made it twice to rave comments. Great for the potluck tomorrow
    I made a version of this pudding today and it was really good but I left out the whisky. It seemed that it would totally overpower the dish. I thought it interesting that no description was made as when to add the bananas. Does anyone proof these recipies? I do appreciate the site and ideas.
    Agree that the liquor taste was quite strong when first made, I would recommend making the custard a day ahead to let the flavors mellow a bit. All in all, not too difficult to make and the whole family LOVED it! Have been requesting me to make it again ever since! The whipped cream on top really put it over the top! Yum!
    I have never been a fan of pudding recipes but when I watched you make this one, I knew I had to try it as my hubby loves pudding recipes and even I loved it! I took it to an Easter dinner and it was all gone in no time. I do have one question, the last instruction says to splash with more creme de banana - when was the 1/3 cup supposed to be used? Thanks for a great one,Tyler.
    HELP! I have tried this recipe twice and the pudding will not harden. The first time I followed the recipe to the letter (as mentioned by others the recipe does not clearly tell you what to do with the Creme de Banana) the mix tasted great but never harden. The next day I tried again using less milk and a little more corn starch still never harden. WHAT COULD BE WRONG?
    Tyler needs to correct this recipe and include instructions on adding 1/3 cup creme de banana
    The pudding tasted like a mouth full of liquor and sugar. If I tried to make this again (which I'm not sure that I would because it was expensive to make) I would not use the alcohol and I would cut back on the sugar. The whipped topping was very good though.
    I followed the recipe exactly using whole milk. I added the 1/3 c. creme de banana at the same time as the Bourbon. I made this dessert and served it the same day for company....The burbon was very pronounced... We had it the next day and the Burbon was less noticable, we liked it better the next day.
    I did the recipe as is, except left out bourbon and creme de banana. Also made twice as much whipped cream and layered it all in a large trifle dish, cookies-pudding-whipped cream, repeat. We have a family of 6, and after ample servings, hardly made a dent in this thing. The "8 servings" is laughable. This could've easily served 16. I'll only use 1/3 of the recipe next time. Other than that, pudding was delicious and very creamy. So much better than the boxed pudding/coolwhip recipe most people use. Try it, but cut in half or more if you're not feeding the neighborhood!
    The pudding was delicious but makes a very large amount. Will not use the cookies next time as they become soggy if not eaten quickly.
    This turned out as good as I had hoped. I left out the bourbon and replaced it with about 1/4 cup creme de banana. The two cups of sugar was just a little too much; maybe that was because I left out the bourbon to counter the flavor. Next time I will experiment with less sugar. It makes a lot more than 8 servings. I found myself returning to the refri. over and over again. I will make this again.
    This is absolutely delicious! One of my dad's favorite desserts is banana cream pie, so I decided to give this a try for his birthday. It worked successfully as a pie filling, and the reci[e couldn't have been easier (my only omission was the banana liquor and only used a few tsp of Creme de Banana). It makes a lot - I could have filled two pie crusts. Also, topping it with toasted coconut is a very yummy finish. Good one, Tyler.
    This was the first time I made homemade pudding and I made about 36 cups!. The recipe altered perfectly. I did heed the warning about the liquor and added it last. Sometimes liquor wont allow things to set and I didn't want to chance it. It did take a really long time to thicken but that was probably because of how much I was making. I'd rather take my time then burn it. Great taste!
    This recipe is the best pudding i have tasted since my mother way back in 1950 used to perpare it for us as kids
    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so very good if you just follow the instructions you have my vote
    I've made this twice and each time I have to recook the pudding and add more corn starch. I know corn starch can be tricky. Do I need to use whole milk? The taste is good and very much liked by all. I just go crazy making it. Maybe a quart of milk should be two cups or two and half cups???? I used some christmas cookies out of a tin that I had and they held up better than wafers. I see only one other person had the same problem I had. I'm using a different pudding recipe next time and keeping the idea of the cookie bottom... and all the rest of the recipe.
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