Beef Goulash

8 servings


Place a large heavy pot over medium heat and add the bacon. Fry for about 5 minutes until crisp and remove to a paper towel and reserve. Add the beef to the hot bacon fat and brown it evenly on all sides, turning with tongs; season generously with salt and pepper. While the beef is searing, sprinkle the flour evenly in the pot and continue to stir to dissolve any clumps. Add a little oil if necessary to keep the meat from sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Toss in the onions, garlic, roasted peppers, paprika, and caraway; cook and stir for 2 minutes until fragrant. Stir in the vinegar, tomatoes, and broth. Bring to a boil, then lower to a simmer and cook for 1 hour, covered, stirring occasionally.

Add the potatoes. Crumble the reserved bacon into the stew and continue to simmer for 30 minutes, partially covered, until the potatoes are tender. Season with salt and pepper. Remove from heat and stir the sour cream into the goulash just before serving. Garnish with the chopped parsley.

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    WOW! This was fantastic! I followed the directions as written and it was PERFECT. I noticed I didn't have Hungarian sweet paprika on hand but did have Spanish smoked paprika in the cupboard. I recommend the smoked paprika because it gives the goulash a nice, earthy flavor.  
    Also, after pouring in 4 cups of beef stock I thought 2 more cups would thin out the goulash too much. I only used 4 cups and the consistency was perfect. My picky 16-year-old LOVED this dish. So did the rest of the family. HIGHLY recommend this wonderful Hungarian Goulash.
    yes. great make it for the kids about once a week.
    Love it! I used ground beef, and only 2 pounds. I subbed cumin for the caraway seeds. I only used 1 onion. I didn't have any beef broth, so we put in 2 cups of water and only simmered for probably 45 minutes total. At the end, I used half sour cream and half plain greek yogurt. This stuff is the bomb. Served it up with whole wheat macaroni and some grilled okra and my kids ate it up. They are 8 and 10 and pretty typical picky eaters. I let them chop and stir and add stuff, and when it was done, they loved it. Will definitely be making this stuff again!
    reminded me of my childhood
    I had a craving for goulash, and since my favorite goulash restaurant (Amedeus in Lake Oswego, Oregon is over 500 miles away, I gave Tyler's a try. It was awesome! i cut down on the beef broth, left out the potatoes and added a bit of red wine. To replace the potatoes, I made Tyler's spaetzle and served it on top of the goulash. I can't wait to make it again.
    Truly excellent, exciting and inviting taste. Worth the time & effort, many times over. Mr. Florence deserves all credit for finding and distilling this recipe so that it may available to all the rest of us. Outstanding.
    Superb, very reminiscent of the Gulaschsuppe I've enjoyed in Austria and Germany. Like to reduce the broth a bit, making it more like a stew, and serve it over spaetzle. Tyler has a great basic recipe for that too, wouldn't let me post the link although it is on Foodnetwork...
    Thanks Tyler, you rock!
    If you are shopping for ingrediants, note that "shank" is basically leg meat. -A tougher cut, and sometimes not sold under this name in US grocery stores. (Butcher shops, yes A great substitute is stew meat, often a mix of better cuts. Either way, this is a wonderful recipe. Tip: this cooking technique, braising in liquid, tends to tenderize even tough cuts, which can have great flavor. I've increased the amount of roasted peppers to good results.
    Great recipe, however do not do the sour cream nor the vinegar bits. It tastes great with it, but not Hungarian at all for Gulyás Leves. Also, just use regular vegetable oil or lard and add two chopped carrots. There is no olive oil in Hungarian cooking. Usually, this dish is prepared outside on an open fire, so if you have the equipment, do it old school. Lastly, a good heavy red wine, that is where the acid should come from, like around 1 cup and use 5 cups broth would be very beneficial. 
    PS. The caraway is essential. Do not skip it, please.
    This was super delicious and easy to make. I cut a few calories and didn't add the bacon. Instead of russets I thinly sliced reds. Perfect meal if you love smoked paprika!
    This was very good. Loved the paprika and a perfect recipe for beef shank!
    I've been using this one for years. I've played around with the recipe but the basics say the same. The flavor combo of paprika, caraway and roasted peppers is great.
    Excellent. My husband ate two helpings. He said it's definitely a keeper. I did not use the caraway which I am sure makes a huge difference in the taste of the whole dish. However, it is a food allergen in our household. Just a wonderful comfort food dish.
    Absolutely delicious! 
    I liked it. I too had not had Goulash since Europe which was served as a soup. It was fun to put all that Paprika in the pan. I recommend more red wine vinegar to give it a kick and to cut the fat. I served whole leaves of Arugula at the table instead of parsley and we ripped it up and tossed it in the dish which gave it a peppery flavor.
    The traditional Hungarian Goulash is a soup not a stew. So it's not a twist, it's the traditional. All of those stews and other variations that you eat with burger or pasta are just "twisted" version of the original one.  
    Anyway it's an excellent recipe. and I say it as a Hungarian:)
    As a newbie in the kitchen, the raves I received from this recipe definitely gave me the confidence I needed to continue cooking! This is definitely my new winter comfort food.
    This goulash was delicious!!! I hadn't had goulash since my last trip to Europe, and I missed it so much I decided to try and cook it myself. And it was a deeeeeelightful success! This recipe is surprisingly simple to make and it comes out so tasty.  
    I made a few adjustments to it because of some technical difficulties. I cut the recipe in half because it was only my boyfriend and I having dinner. Also, I used top sirloin steak cut up into cubes because the butcher was out of the beef shank it called for. But the sirloin turned out oh so tender and delicious. Also, I added extra flour to thicken it up a little bit.  
    Anyways, didn't mean to bore you with the incredibly interesting intricacies of my life! To summarize: I highly recommend this recipe.
    Never made goulash before so I followed this recipe pretty fairly close. I substituted venison for the beef and added sliced carrots instead of potatoes as I wanted to serve this with mashed potatoes. After bringing the whole pot up to a boil I put it into the oven at 350 deg. for two hours as the venison needs quite a bit more time to break down. The last half hour I added a can of tomatoe paste for a more velvety sauce. Second day of left-over's I prepared a package of cheese tortelini and added to the sauce. Easy and great reviews from even the non-venison lovers!!
    It was the best Goulash I ever made, wonderful recipe, the flavors really come thru, easy to make and the caraway seeds really gives it that wonderful taste, but no wonder, your recipes allways are a sucess, keep on cooking.
    Another Tyler super dish, didn't have Carraway seeds, substituted with Cumin, didn't have Sweet Paprika, used half and half Hungarian and Spanish Paprika. Came out great.
    Definitely a keeper.
    This was delicious! Authentic or not it was the type of goulash I like. My husband commented "This is a keeper." Not surprised - most of Tyler's recipes are keepers.
    this is the first time i have used toasted caraway . that small amount adds huge body to the flavor profile . also had me rushing to the store for a marble rye. I enjoyed cooking this meal . the flavor and smells of everything made this truely an experiance
    This is so simple and easy to make. I followed the recipe except for substituting ground turkey and beef since that's what was in the fridge at the time. The flavor is exceptional and its a very hearty meal for colder days. I will definitely make this again. Tyler Florence is quickly becoming one of my favorite chefs.
    Simple and easy to make. I made this for the first time for my friends and they came back for 2nds and 3rds.
    This turned out delicious. I made three changes, first, I substituted turkey bacon and added some oil to compensate, and second, I thickened with a cornstarch slurry instead of adding sour cream, and third, used less meat and more potatoes/vegetables. Will make again.
    I ran across this looking for something simple and low-maintenance to make, as i have a small kitchen and a broken knee... and was laid off in July, so affordable is great. always loved Hungarian Goulash in the deli, never tried to make it.

    This is an excellent, fun dish to make that seems very flexible. For example, I had the Hungarian Paprika on hand (get some!), but no potatoes or caraway seed. So I left them out. Was still fantastic.

    I used a sirloin tip roast. it was on sale, and I would just cut the grisly parts off of any cut of meat for this, anyway. Spent an extra 50-cents on good egg noodles for the pantry:)

    I let this simmer with no lid a while longer to thicken to the consistency I like.

    thanks tyler. 50 times over.

    Eric in Bloomington, Indiana
    I live in China and finding ingredients for western food is a challenge to say the least. This recipe is very tasty and doesn't fall apart if you can't get your hands on all the ingredients.

    I couldn't find caraway in Beijing, so skipped that. The products here are all in metric and most imported goods are from europe. So it takes endless conversions to get the measurements more or less right. It takes creative translating to determine what is really contained in a can of Italian tomato product. I didn't get that right. I tried to translate the French on the can, but failed. So, I ended up using tomato paste (?) instead what was called for. Did find paprika, which took some effort since it is not used in Chinese cooking. Also managed to find more or less the right beef too, which is lucky because I have no idea how to say 'shank' in chinese.

    Anyway it turned out quite good, even with all of the alterations. A winner. It wasn't quite like I have eaten in Austria, but it was a nice comfort food on a cold Beijing night. Cheers!
    I grew up in the Czech republic eating this meal very often but never cooked goulash in my entire life. I found Tyler's recipe a few days ago and wow! It took me right back into my childhood. A dish so authentic and perfect for the snowy days we've had this last week. All my friends (one of them is German) who had a taste of it raved about my gastronomic quallities and wanted more and more. There was even an offer to cook this for one of them and get paid. I was always told that goulash is even better the next day and I agree with that 100% on this one. Thank you Tyler for the wonderful job you do and helping me to look fabulous among my peeps!
    I've been making this for several years now and it is the most authentic Goulash recipe I've found. I had the exact same thing at a little cafe near Neuschwanstein which is a castle near the Austrian border in Germany. Everyone I've made this for loves it and it brings back the wonderful memories we had of being stationed in Germany. One suggestion; don't mess with the meat! Last time I made this I let the butcher talk me into using sirloin rather than the shank and it does make a difference. Shank is crucial in this dish.
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