Sauteed Shrimp

4 servings

Put the flour on a plate and season with a healthy amount of salt and pepper; mix with a fork to combine evenly. Dredge the shrimp in the seasoned flour to coat all sides.

Heat the butter and oil in a heavy bottomed pan over medium heat until butter stops foaming and just starts to turn a light brown. Add the shrimp, and give it a toss, saute for 5 minutes until the shrimp is firm and there is a crispy coating on the outside. Remove the shrimp to a side plate and cover to keep warm.

Put the pan back on the heat and add the garlic and shallots. Cook and stir for 1 minute until soft. Add the lemon juice and chicken broth, give it a stir and let it cook down for 1 minute to thicken slightly. Put the shrimp back in the pan and coat in the lemon sauce. Season with salt and pepper and garnish with chopped parsley before serving.

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    This was very, very good and very easy. When using a recipe from Tyler it's always the best. I would recommend this to everyone.
    Dont bother, this was a waste of perfectly beautiful sauteed (expensive gulf shrimp. To go to the trouble of sauteing the shrimp to a golden color and then placing back into the pan of what ultimately ends up being a very lemony dark roux was pointless. I layered this over Jasmine rice and after the third or forth bite it was just so heavy it was like eating mud. Glad I didnt try this with guest..
    My husband made this in 20minutes. It was fabulous. Www make a tilapia with a similar preparation that calls for capers. This doesn't need capers and is so full of flavor. If you want to serve it over rice make a bit of extra sauce as it was not very saucy. I would not change a thing, my husband thought it was a bit too lemony. It would be a great dinner to make for unexpected guests if you keep shrimp in your freezer pantry.
    Really easy and tasty. I think I had the heat to high cause the shallots and garlic burned quickly, but that actually taisted pretty good. I like this recipe.
    I would suggest that you don't put the shrimp back into the "pan" it will get mushy! (HOWEVER The favor is amazing! YUM YUM YUM YUM...just pour it over the shrimps so you can keep the shrimps stay crispy!! At first I thought the sauce was a tad bit "tangy" but WOW once you put the shrimps in they are some kind of good! Next time I will have the sauce going in one pan and the shrimps cooking on another so I can keep everything hot and mix at once ready to serve.
    I made this last night and it turned out really good. I love lemon so I didn't mind that it had a strong lemon taste, but if you're not a big lemon fan, I'd suggest cutting down on it. Mine didn't turn out exactly like the picture, the sauce was a little thicker. Maybe I used too much flour. Either way, it tasted great.
    Absolutely wonderful! The sauce does seem a bit too lemony at first, until you add the shrimp. Then the sauce compliments the shrimp very well. This should be served immediately, because the breading on the shrimp does get a little soggy if you wait too long. But overall, this recipe is just great and worth trying.
    I have made this quite a few times now and I just love it. When you get the perfect amount of lemon juice in there the taste is incredible. It is very easy and quick to make.
    Needed a super quick sauteed shrimp recipe to go with pasta for dinner tonight at the last minute and Tyler's recipe just became my favorite! I did not have a fresh lemon on hand so I used lime juice and it turned out wonderfully. My husband really enjoyed it (and he's the "chef" in the house) so I was extremely pleased. Another reviewer said they ate the shrimp and forgot to initially make the sauce so I popped one in my mouth and it was delicious; nice and juicy. The sauce was an added bonus. Thanks Tyler!
    The shrimp came out beautifully and delicious! This will become a go to recipe.
    This recipe was easy to follow and was tasty. As other reviewers have noted, the sauce seemed a bit on the lemony side (I used a large home grown lemon). That said, once the lemon sauce was added to the shrimp it did mellow. One other minor disappointment was how the beautifully browned shrimp seemed to drink up the sauce and get slightly mushy (possible remedy: serve/eat immediately). I might need to perfect the sauce (didn't thicken as much as I had expected) or add the sauce just before serving to avoid this problem in the future. Overall, very tasty and I will definitely make this again!
    I made this shrimp for some friends, who didn't know that once the shrimp was cooked there was still sauce to be made. fter scolding them for eating it before it was done, they had me try it. It was incredible. Easily the most succulent shrimp I've had. And that was JUST dredged in flour. The sauce makes it absolutely unreal. Fantastic recipe!!
    DELICIOUS!! I liked all of the bursts of different flavors with each bite. The lemon juice contrasted nicely with the chicken broth and added a wonderful flavor. I wish I had made more!
    This dish has a lot of great, simple ingredients and was tasty, if not a little on the tangy side. Be sure you buy uncooked shrimp, mine were already cooked and the sauteeing made it chewy. The breading on the shrimp will be soggy if you don't cook it long enough. Overall a great dish, would recommend for a simi-quick meal.

 tastes much better if instead of flour, you use panko breadcrumbs (Japanese bread crumbs) instead of dredging in flour.

    The main drawback to adding the shrimp back in is that NO coating will not soften when re-exposed to liquid.

    Another alternative is to broil the shrimp instead of sauteeing them in oil/fat.
    Keep the shells ON (they will help protect the meat under the hot broiler and keep in the flavor). Cook the recipe sauce as instructed then add the broiled shrimp to it.

    This dish was easy to prepare and tasted great! It will become a regular weeknight dish.
    This turned out so well. I cooked the shrimp in grapeseed oil so the high heat wouldn't make anything smoke. Before I added the shrimp back to the sauce, I was nervous because I tasted it and it seemed way too acidic, so after cooking it down as the recipe states, I added a pat of butter off the heat. When I added back the shrimp, it completely mellowed out the lemon to a tasty sauce. So good with simply dressed pasta on the side... I made giada's lemon spaghetti, and feared a lemon overload, but together they were perfect! i had no problems with mushy shrimp, the coating stayed golden brown and delicious!
    There are many other recipes out there which are better. The shrimp gets mushy once you put it back in the sauce. If you need to try this recipe, I would pour the sauce over the shrimp and serve immediately. It loses its crispy coating when you add it back in.
    i hate shrimp. i absolutely despise it. however, i made this recipe and it was one of the best things i've ever made!!! it was so good. may i suggest a variation? instead of adding lemon, i added two tablespoons of cuban "mojo" which is a bitter-orange based marinade made with onions, garlic, and juice from a bitter orange which resembles citrus-flavored vinegar.
    This is really good, my only thing is that I think to much lemon juice was used. I personally will use less next time, but I like this shrimp dish very much.
    This was very easy to make and good. It was pretty lemony so next time I may use a smaller lemon... My husband said not to change a thing. Served over pasta w/ bread on the side.
    Easy and quick to cook, makes a delicious meal!!
    easy to make and a great party platter
    this takes no time at all and my husband loved it
    Light,easy and extremely tasty! Could also be an elegant meal!
    Thanks Tyler!
    This dish was so simple and very good-will definately use again!
    I have tried making this twice and even have a note on the recipe to back off on the lemon. All we could taste was lemon and it was not good. I may just get rid of this one because noone in the family enjoys it.
    i love it. i make it every couple of weeks!!!
    Not difficult to make, especially if you buy shrimp that is already de-veined. Some chopping required.
    There is a good amount of flavor for the adults but not too much to scare the kids away.
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