Zea Grits

Total Time:
35 min
15 min
20 min

4 servings

  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 cup yellow grits
  • 1/2 pound butter
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 ear grilled corn, kernels removed

Bring liquids to a boil. Stir in grits. Add butter. Cook at simmer until thickened. At end, stir in corn.

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    As another reviewer noted, this recipe was WAY too salty (and also too buttery in my opinion). I found the recipe on Zea's website, and it called for no salt, just butter, and 1/4 of a -stick- of butter at that - not 1/2 lb (though I'm not sure if that was a typo, and they meant 1/4 lb). Regardless, butter can be added at the end according to taste, but I think 1/4 of a stick (2 tablespoons) is enough. I wish others had actually tried this recipe before blindly giving it 5 stars. The 1/2 lb of butter made my stomach ill, and I'm now also out of butter.
    You may be using salted butter -- they use sweet cream butter with no salt in most places in the South If you serve with shrimp or crawfish or bacon that could also add to the saltiness. 
    This is from Zea's website: 
    2 c chicken broth 
    2 c heavy cream 
    stick butter 
    1 c golden corn  
    1 cup yellow grits ( not instant) _ 
    Green onion garnish 
    To grill corn, shuck off husk. Lightly butter corn cob & grill over charcoal or open fire until slightly blackened, cool & remove kernels 
    Bring chicken broth to a boil. Add cream & return to boil. 
    Slowly whisk in grits, then corn. 
    Reduce heat to simmer, cover, cook 5 to 6 minutes. 
    salt & pepper to taste.
    I tried this recipe and I love. When I went to my pantry, of course, I didn't have all the ingredients the recipe called for so this is how I substituted. The cream was substituted out for 1 can of cream of celery soup and 1 cup of half and half. The butter was cut down to 1/2 of a stick. Water was substituted for chicken stock; and with all the changes the recipe taste great!!!!!! I will make again!!! :-
    A super filling and flavorful side and often we use as a main dish. 
    I do like to season the corn when grilling so if you do might need to cut down on the amount of salt used on the grits. 
    Using fresh corn makes a world of difference. I've tried it both ways, with frozen corn or fresh off the cob and fresh off the cob is really the way to go. 
    Don't be afraid to add some of your own twist. Just recently we tossed in some sauteed garlic shrimp. Made an amazing meal. 
    I can say for sure, they do NOT use chicken broth in the actual recipe. Also, after fire roasting/grilling the corn, they then saute the corn on a flat top grill with onions and salt and pepper.
    I live in south Louisiana and eat at Zea's often. For a chain restaurant their food is really good and it always seems to have a homemade fresh taste, This recipe is worth a try because Zea's Corn Grits are great. If you Google the recipe the first link usually brings you to Zea's official website and a recipe for the grits. They use chicken broth instead of water which, according to Alton Brown, stocks and broths bring "more flavor to the party" than water.
    I too loved the Corn Grits at Zea. Tried it for the first time last week in fact! I am doing a modified vegetarian diet consuming meat only on the weekends but just lean meats. So I went to the restaurant w/my boss during the week and was concerned that first, I wouldn't find anything other than a house salad to eat that matched my diet, and second, that I wouldn't be satisfied by the selections available. To my surprise, I had the Portobello mushroom Panini & the glorious corn grits and loved both! The corn grits added a new dimension to my sandwich that I did not expect. It was a dense dish, meaning substantial, buttery, and nicely seasoned. I truly could not stop until it was all gone! The whole kernel roasted corn sprinkled throughout was nice to balance out the texture. I'm definitely making this recipe. Bravo Zea!
    I as well as my friends were blown away at the great taste and texture of corn grits. We order them every time we eat as Zeas
    I add a teaspoon of paprika at the end. Great stuff
    I was blown away with corn roasted grits at Zea's in New Orleans. It was delicious.Being raised in Louisiana; grits was a breakfast dish, eaten with butter,sausage, etc. So grits as a side dish is as foreign to me as pizza for breakfast. I ask the waitress if I could get the recipe, she seemed shocked, that I would ask and said no she didn't think so. I was sure I could to find a recipe for A grits side dish from the likes of Paula Deen,Bobby Flay. Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw the recipe for Zea's grits. So guess what side dish I will be serving at my next big dinner.
    Really good and rich...you could also substitute some of the heavy cream for 2% milk and it's still unbelievable! Have been to Zea many times, and this recipe is the real deal!
    I'm not a grits fan, but last week I was in LA at the Zea's in Lafayette and was coaxed into trying their famous Roasted Corn Grits. (Almost everyone else in the restaurant seemed to have them on their plates-as a lunch side dish.) I was PLEASANTLY surprised. Really delicious! Imagine my surprise when I Googled the dish and found the recipe online.
    I followed the recipe, but added bout half a cup more of grits seemed like a lot of liquid for 1 cup of grits, also got a lot of residual butter that didn't get absorbed, plus I couldn't find yellow grits, so mine were white, sigh...but oh they still tasted pretty comparable, will cut back on the butter next time.
    I cut the salt to 1 teaspoon and cut the butter to 1 stick. I substituted 1 cup of the cream with 1 can (12 oz) evaporated skim milk. They were still extremely rich.
    I figured I would see if these were really comparable to Zea's corn grits. I didn't use a Tblspoon of salt. I used one stick of unsalted butter and salted to taste. I roasted the corn after soaking it for about 20 minutes, then grilled it for about 20 minutes with shucks still on. Everyone loved it and I will def make again.
    I tasted these by chance having walked in the Diabetes Walk-a-thon in New Orlean's last Novemeber. I first hesitated because I love Grits and knew how to make them but, a friend advised me these were the best ever. I loved it better than anything else catered there. I later found this recipe however, I added sliced green onion to mine because that's how it was served there. I also cut back on the salt, it was not as salty as this calls for. Other great ways I've served it is with Shrimp and/or Tasso Ham. I use a fine textured Grits too. This is like dessert on my family's table. I'm so thrilled Zea's shared this with all of us & at the Diabetes charity event or I would have never been able to share it with my family when I went back home to Florida. Thanks Zea's!
    These are the best grits I've ever made. I followed the recipe exactly except for a couple of things: I added 2 chicken bullion cubes to the 2 cups of water, and used 2 ears of corn. I also did not use a full tablespoon of salt, I just gave the shaker a few shakes til I thought it was right. If you have a gas grill, it's so easy to throw your ears of corn on for 20 minutes or so til they get just slightly blackened in places.
     Zea's roast corn grits are my favorite thing on the menu there, and I have been known to order a pint to go just to take home with me. These are just as good, if not better. My husband is not even a big fan of grits, and he said these were fantastic. Very easy and so worth it.
    I made this recipe for a tailgate party at Mandeville Daquaris a few weeks back and was told by two people that they were BETTER than the restaurant and by one guy that they were "better than my mama's"....quite a compliment coming from a La. boy!
     I didn't have time to roast the corn so I used vacuum packed corn and stir fried it to toast it slightly. Kept creamy for hours on low heat in a crock pot.. If you make it, just remember to have the "paddles" ready...Heart Healthy it's NOT!
    This recipe is almost perfect. My husband and I have been such a fan of Zea's, and in particular their corn grits. This recipe is almost perfect. We kept telling each other every time we would make it...."its missing something??" Well, we figured it out, green onions. The grits at the restaurant have green onions. We added them and they were perfect. Don't think you can skip the roasted corn.....it adds taste not just texture. Happy eating and thanks for the add!
    I was really excited when I found this recipe because we really love Zea's Corn Grits. For that quantity of liquid, 1/4 teaspoon of salt is all that is required to prepare grits. I didn't think about that even though I prepare regular grits quite often, and following the recipe exactly I dumped in 1 tablespoon of salt. It was so salty it was not edible! Rather than dump it out, I continued to prepare more grits with milk and NO salt and kept adding it to the pot. I made 6 times the amount of grits I had intended. I don't understand the other reviewers unless they were just commenting on Zea's grits in general but did NOT prepare them from this recipe. I really wish FoodNetwork would try the recipes as written before publishing them.
    I dream of Zea's Roasted Corn Grits!!! I am so excited that I happened upon this recipe!!!!
    I could live off this stuff. Yumola! Two side orders of the best grits in the world, please.
     And thanks, fellas!
    Very rich. I cut the butter to one stick and all was well. Makes and outstanding side dish with ribs.
    very creamy and rich, definitely worth a try
    Not many people think to put the two together but it is one of the best things I can cook for the element of surprise. It is really good as a side dish or with grilled chicken or even with deer sausage or other deer meat as the "rice or potatoes". All together an awesome dish!
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