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Millionaire Pie at Ser

This rich pie makes Chef Fabio Viviani want to eat dessert first.

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Chefs’ Picks: Butcher Shops Apr 23, 2017

By: Guest Blogger

A heightened focus on farm-to-table philosophies has resulted in a new rise in popularity for the butchery profession. Read on to find out where meat-minded industry folks shop for chop.

Chefs’ Picks: Favorite Family Recipes Apr 16, 2017

By: Layla Khoury-Hanold

From satisfying lasagna to sumptuous pies, here are the family recipes that chefs cook up when they’re craving comfort.

No-Kid Policy Pays Off for ‘Elegant’ Italian Eatery Apr 10, 2017

By: Amy Reiter

A “traditional, classy, intimate” restaurant in Mooresville, North Carolina banned children under 5 — and it paid off big-time.

Chefs’ Picks: Easter Brunch Apr 9, 2017

By: Sara Ventiera

One food-centric custom that has sprung up around Easter is Sunday brunch. Here, several chefs divulge the dishes they favor for this holiday feast.

Chefs’ Picks: Thai Takeout Apr 2, 2017

By: Sara Ventiera

What better way to channel the sunny days that lay just ahead than by diving into the vibrant, heat-packed dishes that characterize Thai cuisine. Here, chefs around the US fill us in on their favorite Thai takeout dishes.

Chefs’ Picks: Favorite Movie Treats Mar 26, 2017

By: Samantha Lande

When it comes time to watch the action unfold on the movie screen, even chefs who spend their days making masterful dishes prefer to cozy up with low-fuss snacks.

Chefs’ Picks: Gluten-Free Baked Goods Mar 19, 2017

By: Sara Ventiera

Those cardboard-tasting creations of yesteryear are being banished to the permanent castaway pile, as cafes, bakeries and sweet shops across the country create sumptuous treats sans the wheat.

Modest Lunch Spot in France Mistakenly Awarded a Michelin Star Mar 18, 2017

By: Amy Reiter

The august arbiter of taste accidentally awarded one of its prestigious stars to Le Bouche à Oreille in Bourges, France.

Independent Restaurants Are Dropping Fast Mar 16, 2017

By: Amy Reiter

The number of restaurants in the United States has declined two percent in the last year, while restaurant density has sunk to its lowest level in a decade.