On the Road Eats: Miami City Guide

Miami's reputation for dancing and music go hand-in-hand with its spicy Latin cuisine. From Italian to Cuban to New American and Chinese, Miami casts a wide net in finding the best, freshest flavors.

1. Michael's Genuine Food & Drink
Michael Symon and Scott Conant both love the desserts at Michael’s Genuine (like the chocolate-packed Popcorn and Peanuts) on The Best Thing I Ever Ate. But for savory satisfaction, nothing quite compares to beloved brunch favorite Roasted Double Yolk Egg with eggs and melted gruyere.

2. CVI.CHE 105
For the spicy side of Miami, heat seekers Aaron Sanchez and Roger Mooking head to CVI.CHE 105 where they serve Ceviche Anconero, a popular Peruvian dish made with corvina fish, octopus, calamari and a spicy blend of rocoto and chili peppers. For a cool down, diners love the passion fruit mousse.

3. Tapas y Tintos
Rachael's search for Miami nightlife led her to Tapas y Tintos where diners revel in live music and Flamenco dancing. For an authentic Spanish meal, order a small plate like shrimp sauteed in garlic or Rachael's pick of Tortilla Espanola, a traditional Spanish omelet made with potatoes and chorizo.

4. Michy's
The bright colors inside Michy's serve as the perfect backdrop for Chef Michelle Bernstein's fresh take on New American and Peruvian cuisines. On Meat and Potatoes, Rahm Fama has a new favorite dish with the short ribs that fall right off the bone. In the summer, locals swear by the fried chicken.

5. Escopazzo
Escopazzo means "a little crazy" in Italian and in 1993, opening the country's first all-organic restaurant might have been. But Rachael's vacation visit confirmed it is "such a gem." The menu includes a number of raw and vegan foods but Rachael and locals agree the asparagus flan is a must-try.

6. 11th Street Diner
Since 1992, locals looking for late-night food in Miami's South Beach have turned to the 11th Street Diner. Locals love ordering the Argentinian steak any time of day. But Guy couldn't get enough of the flavor-packed pork chops with apples and a raisin, calling it one of Triple D's greatest chops.

7. Ola Restaurant
After discovering Ola's Fire and Ice Ceviche, Curtis Stone went back three more times. On The Best Thing I Ever Ate, he gushes over the ceviche made with cobia fish atop an Asian pear granita. Equally crave-worthy? The lobster empanadas made with an unusual ingredient: squid ink.

8. Area 31 at Epic Hotel
Epic Hotel's eco-friendly reputation began in 1985 and continues with its 16th floor restaurant, Area 31. Area 31 gets its name from the sustainable fishing area in Florida where Rachael witnessed a sea-to-table meal firsthand. Today's menu includes everything from shrimp ceviche to swordfish crudo.

9. Aunt I's
For a bite of Jamaican heat, Aaron Sanchez and Roger Mooking trek to Aunt I's, named by the late owner's mother who knew "how to make a wicked jerk chicken." The recipe uses fiery Scotch bonnet peppers and allspice rub in every crevice. But the key to the popular oxtail stew remains a secret.

10. Mr. Chow
By now Mr. Chow's Asian cuisine has graced New York, London, Beverly Hills and Miami, to name a few. The stunning decor mirrors the menu where Chuck Hughes, host of Chuck's Day Off, says the diced squab lettuce cups are magical. Meanwhile locals perform disappearing acts with the chicken satay.

11. Tropical Chinese
At Tropical Chinese, dim sum starts at breakfast and continues all day long. The Miami institution caught Rahm Fama's attention on Meat & Potatoes. You can see why with succulent bites like orange peel beef and more than 30 dim sum items including the infamous barbecue pork buns.

12. Versailles Restaurant
For the best fruit dish, Aaron Sanchez instinctively thinks of the Miami favorite: Versailles. Locals and tourists alike visit from sunup to sundown for the authentic Cuban guava pastries (16,000 made weekly). Make it a Cuban dinner with sopa de pollo and green plantain chips known as mariquitas.

13. IceBox Café
On $40 a Day, Rachael satisfies her sweet tooth with the peanut butter chocolate ice cream cake from Icebox. Meanwhile, the Chocolate Delight (formerly The Bomb) has been called Oprah's absolute favorite. But for a true Floridian bite, locals know it's all about the creamy, deep-dish Key Lime pie.

14. Joe's Stone Crab
For Bobby's FoodNation stop in Miami, he heads to the legendary Joe's Stone Crab shop where the flavor is all in the claw. Since 1913, Joe's has delivered these claws with the simple yet oh-so-tasty chilled mustard sauce. But for a real chilly treat, try Joe's Original Homemade Key Lime pie.

15. La Camaronera Restaurant & Fish Market
Since 1976, Camaronera has been serving and selling fresh seafood the Little Havana way. On Triple D, Guy learned that means that every lobster, shrimp and green plantain gets coated in golden batter and fried. For the best fish-fry, locals order the signature Pan con Minuta snapper sandwich.

16. Tap Tap Haitian Restaurant
Once a filmmaker in Haiti, Katherine Kean's trip inspired her to open Miami's Tap Tap, a Haitain eatery with bright, colorful murals. On Triple D, Guy devoured Haitian-raised Chef Gary Sanon-Jules's tender Kurobuta pork griot and the malanga fritters with the not-so-Haitian watercress sauce.

17. Mercadito Midtown
For a seriously hot drink that might just turn out to be a love potion, head to Mercadito Midtown in Miami and have a Vato Loco. Stay for traditional Mexican food mixed with seasonal and local sensibilities, and you've got a perfect date night.

18. Casa Tua Restauarant
With no signage and hidden away from South Beach city streets, Casa Tua considers itself a unique getaway experience with a gourmet menu of home-style Italian. Giada's visit meant indulging in two classics: the creamy burrata salad with tomato and balsamic, then the irresistible tiramisu.