Scout out America's Cheapest Restaurants With $24 in 24

Jeff Mauro finds the most budget-friendly bites in cities across the US on his new show.

Join Sandwich King Jeff Mauro on a new adventure and discover the best cheap local eats in cities across America. And when Jeff says cheap, he means really cheap. On $24 in 24, he'll hit a new locale each week with a budget of just $24 to find the tastiest breakfast, lunch and dinner in town.

Impossible, right? Luckily, Jeff's having no problem, and the places he finds aren't just cheap. They're delicious. He found an insane cinnamon roll in Chicago and a better-than-British fish and chips joint in Minneapolis. In LA, he hits up Greek, Cuban and Korean places before the day is done. And in Cleveland, Jeff gets in on the city's corned beef obsession and learns to sling hash himself.

"The beauty of this great country is that you can always find plenty of great food for a great price," Jeff told FN Dish. "There are so many interesting and affordable unearthed joints strewn about the ethnic enclaves that are so common in even the smallest of American cities."

You can check out all the $24 in 24 restaurants in the On the Road section of the site. Or, if you're going to be in one of the cities Jeff visited, download our app to have the picks with you while you're there.