On the Road: Austin Restaurants

From classic barbecue to fresh Tex-Mex to hearty burgers and fun food trucks, Austin offers a deliciously eclectic mix of traditional cuisine and innovative artisanal fare.

Foreign & Domestic

At Foreign & Domestic, it's a culinary wedding of flavors that made Guy fall in love. Run by a husband-and-wife team, the restaurant turns foreign dishes a little domestic, and vice versa. The result is a menu with savory, eclectic standouts, like pasta with eggplant butter or their signature Gruyère Popovers.

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Luke's Inside Out

At this food truck, you never know what kind of sandwich you'll get. Guy called the Korean rabbit with rabbit meat, Tater Tots, kimchi, Sriracha and their secret sauce "the bomb." Guy's attention was also caught by the tasty shrimp patty paired with blue cheese, baby spinach, onions and apples.

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Green Mesquite

At Green Mesquite, the BBQ gets its spectacular smoky flavor from the spot's namesake: mesquite wood that is seasoned, or "green." On Triple D, Guy calls the ribs, made with brown sugar, paprika, cayenne, onion and garlic, "awesome." Other faves include brisket, pulled pork and chicken-fried steak.

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Casino El Camino

Guy says to come here for "the best burger in town." Juicy and tender, the 12-ounce monster comes topped with everything from cheese and thick-cut bacon to roasted serrano peppers and Texas-hot buffalo sauce. For a spicy side, pair your burger with Verde Chili Fries.

Lamberts Downtown Barbecue

Rock 'n' roll and BBQ sit side by side at Lamberts Downtown Barbecue, where Texas natives Larry McGuire and Tom Mormon give an upscale spin to the traditionally down-home cuisine. Meat & Potatoes host Rahm Fama opted for Hanger Steak, while others praise the Slow-Smoked Pork Ribs and Beef Brisket.

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24 Diner

Austin's 24 Diner is, as the name implies, open 24 hours a day, but the chef-inspired, locally sourced comfort food is far from typical round-the-clock fare. Crave host Troy Johnson recommends the boneless fried chicken, served on a plate-sized waffle with brown sugar butter and real maple syrup.

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Counter Cafe

A cozy, comfortable diner, Counter Cafe specializes in comfort food like pancakes, burgers, and biscuits and gravy. In addition to the classics, the 26-seat eatery offers up housemade Curry Chicken Burgers that Guy calls "juicy as can be" and a one-of-a-kind breakfast combo of quail and eggs.

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South Congress Cafe

On her weekend trip to Austin, Giada started off at South Congress Cafe, where it's a little less country and a lot more chic. Chic decor or not, it still serves big Texas flavors, like Giada's picks of rich carrot cake and French toast with pecan cream cheese frosting, and the locals' favorite: crab cakes.

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Taco Xpress

To taste the funky and weird side of Austin, Rachael got a local tip to visit Maria's Taco Xpress, with its bright murals and good cheap eats. Rachael ordered the popular migas breakfast tacos, but for dinner, it's all about the Pollo Guisado chicken tacos made with a smoky chipotle sauce.

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The Broken Spoke

Both Bobby and Giada have two-stepped at this iconic country bar where legends like Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton have made the rounds. The dance hall perfectly captures Austin's charm, but the menu branches out with its famous chicken-fried steak, Mexican enchiladas and even brick-oven pizzas.

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