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  • Drill Dinner


    It's a drill dinner for local fire fighters. After a practice fire drill, Ina pitches in and serves the fire fighters up a delicious...

    Recipes: Caramel Pecan Sundaes Rich Beef Barley Soup Scott Elley's Sloppy Joes Stilton Dressing

  • Miguel While You Were Out


    Ina is making dinner for her friend Miguel Florres-Vianna who is at the barn photographing the garden. While Miguel takes photos he...

    Recipes: All American Cheese Board Chicken Noodle Soup Chicken Stock Panko-Crusted Salmon Warm French Lentils

  • Barefoot Classics


    Ina's updating some barefoot bestsellers & sharing shortcuts & know how on Easy Sticky Buns, Mustard Chicken Salad, Roasted...

    Recipes: Easy Sticky Buns Mustard Chicken Salad Roasted Vegetable Soup

  • Bread Winner


    It's back to basics on bread. Ina's friend is writing an article about interesting ways to use bread so Ina's volunteered to test out...

    Recipes: Panettone Bread Pudding Pappa Al Pomodoro Salmon Cakes

  • Thank You Dinner


    Running a store’s no mean feat. Ina should know--she ran a deli for 20 years. When a local store manager asks her to help with a...

    Recipes: Coconut Madeleines Provencal Vegetable Soup Seafood Platter

  • Mystery Guest


    Ina's Broadway producer friend Susan's coming to dinner with a mystery guest (Mel Brooks) and Ina's making Blini's, Cream of Wild...

    Recipes: Blini with Smoked Salmon Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup Parmesan Chicken