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  • Chicken in Waffles


    Guy Fieri turns the classic chicken-n-waffle inside out, literally! His Chicken and Stuffed Waffles recipe features golden waffles,...

    Recipes: Chicken and Stuffed Waffles Creamy Crispy Coleslaw with Pecans

  • Nawlins Bound


    Paula Deen and her dear friend Donna Foltz are Nawlins bound! They're headed to the Big Easy with a classic New Orleans Po-Boy with...

    Recipes: Nawlins Chicory Coffee Sloppy Roast Beef Po' Boy Stuffed Artichokes Upside-Down Apple Praline Cake

  • Punky's Pizza

    Location Chicago, IL

    Punky's Pizza with vodka sauce has been luring customers to its old-world restaurant since 2002. But it wasn't until the restaurant...

    As Seen On Tv: Outrageous Food - The Seven-and-a-Half-Pound Steak
  • The Model Bakery

    Location St. Helena, CA

    On The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Michael Chiarello takes a trip back home to his favorite bakery. Packed to the brim with croissants,...

    As Seen On Tv: The Best Thing I Ever Ate - Local Favorites
  • Heart and Soul Cafe

    Location Cave Creek, AZ

    Breakfast lovers go berserk for Heart and Soul Cafe's incredible breakfast plates. But The Suicide Stack had Outrageous Food's Tom...

    As Seen On Tv: Outrageous Food - The Taco From Hell
  • Joan's on Third

    Location Los Angeles, CA

    The way Joan's on Third covers its Coconut Cupcakes is "the way Santa Claus' house is dripping with snow," says Alex on The Best...

    As Seen On Tv: The Best Thing I Ever Ate - With My Hands
  • Asian Cuisine


    Joe and Joey learn and prepare Thai food, even though their personal lives are filled to the brim. Joe moves in with girlfriend....