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  • Eastern European--Honey Show


    Honey Brined Chicken with Lemon and Sage; Sweet Potato Tsimis; Polish Honey Cake; Sesame Honey Candy.

    Recipes: Honey Brined Chicken with Lemon and Sage Polish Honey Cake Sesame Honey Candy Sweet Potato Tsimis Sweet Potato Tsimis

  • Cooking with Candy


    On this show, it's a fun filled party with a sophisticated air. Christina and Janette are taking boring old recipes and turning them...

    Recipes: Christina's Peanut Brittle Pork Satay with Peanut Sauce Christina's Sometimes-You-Feel-Like-a-Nut-Sometimes-You-Don't Sweet Potato Soup Janette's Peanut Brittle Pork Satay with Peanut Sauce Janette's Sometimes-You-Feel-Like-a-Nut-Sometimes-You-Don't Sweet Potato Soup

  • Fall Favorites


    It's harvest time for some tasty fall food. Join host Marc Summers as we take a trip to the Yates Cider Mill and learn why the...

  • Fun & Games


    Watch how bubblegum can be made by kids, and take a sweet trip down memory lane with the history of Candy Land, Mr. Potato Head, and...

  • 50 Muffin Recipes


    Choose from these fun new ideas and bake a batch for holiday guests.