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  • Let the Good Times Roll


    Today's no-utensils-required menu features crispy, golden-fried chicken egg rolls and refreshing, light shrimp spring rolls.  Two...

    Recipes: Chicken Avocado Egg Rolls Elixir G Minty Lemonade Springing Shrimp Rolls

  • Chinese Food


    Crack open those fortune cookies! This week, Hungry Girl's got Chinese food covered. Lisa's wokking up her sizzling Veggie So Low...

    Recipes: Shrimpylicious Egg Rolls Sweet 'n Sticky Sesame Chicken Veggie So Low Mein

  • Paula Does Takeout


    Paula's bringing takeout into her kitchen when a viewer sends Paula a video postcard asking for advice on how to make Chinese food at...

    Recipes: Chicken Stir-Fry Crispy Tempura Battered Shrimp Fortune Cookies Pork-Slaw Egg Rolls

  • Neelys' Takeout


    Tony Neely stops by to enjoy some homemade takeout but there's no need for takeout when you've got Pat and Gina Neely on your side!...

    Recipes: Neely's BBQ Pulled Pork Egg Rolls Neely's Fortune Cookie Sundae Neely's Pineapple Fried Rice Pat's Broccoli and Chicken Stir-Fry

  • Asian Party Food


    Guy pushes the limit with an upside down Asian-inspired party menu. Recipes include: Pulled Pork Egg Rolls, Korean Chicken Wings and...

    Recipes: Korean Chicken Wings Pulled Pork Egg Rolls Saigon Sub

  • Asian Flavors with Sam Hazen


    Cooking an Asian meal shouldn't be a guessing game of figuring out flavors and ingredients. Tonight Emeril's making it simple with...

    Recipes: 1944 Mai Tai Original Peking Style Rotisserie Half Duck with Kona Confit Duck Stir-Fry Cashew Rice and Umeboshi Plum Sauce Roasted Buddha Chicken Tchoup Chop Kalua Pork Egg Rolls served with Orange-Thai Chili Dipping Sauce

  • Comfort Zone


    You've heard Food Network stars talk about The Best Things They Ever ATE, now hear about the dishes they love to MAKE! Anne Burrell,...

    Recipes: Chicken Avocado Egg Rolls Shrimp and Truffled Grits with Moroccan Chorizo Broth Spaghetti alla Carbonara Spicy Macaroni and Cheese