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  • Stamp 'n Go


    This is a spicy fish soup from Jamaica. Kerr also makes fish appetizers and goes to the Jamaican Inn.

    Recipes: Stamp n' Go

  • Swai Not?


    The chefs open up the first baskets to find falafel mix and date paste, among the four appetizer ingredients. Then in the entree...

  • Four Fathers


    Making their kids proud, four daring dads take on the pressure cooker that is the Chopped Kitchen, but how will the...

  • Chopped Liver


    Hate it or love it, liver is the centerpiece of the appetizer dishes. And the first chef chopped expresses strong disappointment at...

  • Against the Tide


    The chefs find themselves swimming against the tide when they have to combine fish with chocolate in the Appetizer Round. Then for...