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  • Beachy Keen


    Put on your sunglasses as Claire shows you dishes that will have your guests beaming! Claire kicks it off with a darling of the sea-...

    Recipes: Duck Confit Quesadillas Hot Fudge Maple Bacon Ice Cream Peruvian Pomegranate Pineapple Party Punch (P to the 5th PUNCH) Shrimp with Green Goddess Sauce

  • Sweet and Savory


    Tamela and David Mann, of TBS’s Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns, join the Neelys in the kitchen for a sweet and savory meal. First,...

    Recipes: Gina's Fiesta Salad Gina's Herb Cream Biscuits Honey Orange BBQ Chicken Peach Cobbler Ice Cream Red Velvet Punch

  • Lunch Box


    Pat and Gina Neely are back in the kitchen, packin' more than a punch! They're fixing up one hearty 'Lunch Box' you won't want to...

    Recipes: Brown Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches Cherry Tomato Salad with Buttermilk Basil Dressing Fully-Loaded Cheesy Potato Soup with Gina's Spinach Salad Salmon BLT

  • Minty Treats


    Find out how Starlight Mints get their classic red and white pattern. Learn the history of Mint Patties and Mint Pearles. Watch as...

  • Southern Cocktail Party


    Get ready for some southern hospitality cause Paula's throwing a cocktail party! With recipes for Creamy Onion Canapes, Cedar Salmon...

    Recipes: Cedar Salmon with Wasabi Dip Creamy Onion Canapes Lemonade Ice Ring Pecan-Stuffed Dates Southern Comfort Punch Wasabi Dip

  • 50 Summer Drinks


    Drink up! Food Network Magazine made enough sodas, shakes and cocktails to last all season.