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  • Vegetarian Curries


    Tyler travels to Newtown, CT to treat guest Nancy Crevier to some vegetarian cooking done right. Together they make up some veggie...

    Recipes: Curried Cauliflower with Chick Peas and Tomatoes Eggplant In Curry-Coconut Sauce Saag Paneer

  • Indian Celebration with Madhur Jaffrey


    Indian cooking legend Madhur Jaffrey will give us a glimpse of her family holiday traditions. Recipes: Butterflied Leg of Lamb;...

    Recipes: Butterflied Leg of Lamb Marinated and Barbecued Eggplant with Minty Sauce and Yogurt Persian Pilaf with Lime and Green Beans

  • East Indian Dinner


    Getika Khanna shows Sara how to go exotic with an East Indian Dinner. Indian-Spiced Eggplant; Palak Paneer (Fresh Cheese with Spinach).

  • Plenty of Fish


    In the first round, the chefs do their best to delicately cook a familiar fish, as they struggle to decide what to do with a tiny,...

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    Food Network Magazine designed dozens of dinners you can make (and serve!) on a stick.

  • 50 Potato Salads


    Bring a different version to every barbecue, picnic and potluck this summer.

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    Food Network Magazine created dozens of recipes using a favorite weeknight staple: chicken breasts.

  • Guide to Spice Mixtures


    Just a pinch of one of these aromatic spice mixtures will add depth and complexity to your next meal.