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  • Ultimate Chicken Kabobs


    Tyler ups the flavor ante on the global tradition of skewered meats, served alongside an internationally-inspired appetizer and...

    Recipes: Carpaccio of Raw Zucchini Chicken Kebab Salad Lemon Sabayon with Fresh Wild Berries

  • Firefighter Chefs


    The firefighter competitors get the meal started with some hearty meat-and-cheese appetizers that would be a hit back at their...

  • In A Pinch


    When the chefs make some unusual choices in composing soft-shell crab appetizers, the judges give them a chance to defend their...

  • Keep on Trucking


    Four chefs with connections to the booming truck-food business motor into the Chopped Kitchen. And the first basket with two...

  • Fright Bites


    It's Halloween, Chopped style! The mystery baskets are filled with treats, and the trick is on the four brave competitors. In the...