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  • Ultimate Recipe Showdown: Pasta


    Food Network searched for the Ultimate Pasta Recipe. After a nationwide recipe contest, nine finalists competed in three rounds:...

    Recipes: Chicken Gravy and Meatballs with Multigrain Spaghetti Mama Mirabella's Ham and Cheese Ravioli Meat-za Mediterranean Pasta with Lamb Meatballs Spaghetti with Lion's Head Meatballs Spanakopita Lasagna Stuffed Manicotti with Fresh Marinara Sauce Stuffed Shells with Chicken and Arugula and Creamy Alfredo Sauce Summer Eggplant Lasagna

  • Count Your Chickens


    Two cooked chickens equal a week's worth of satisfying suppers. Chicken and Mushrooms with Rigatoni; Chicken and Chorizo Spanish...

    Recipes: Adirondack Bacon BBQ Chicken, Apples and Onions Chicken and Chorizo Spanish Enchiladas Chicken and Mushrooms with Rigatoni Derby Sage Mac and Cheese with Ham Pick-a-Pepper Pasta (Bucatini with Hot and Sweet and Pickled Peppers Sauce) Poached Chickens

  • Dried Pasta


    Linguine with Manilla Clams and Spicy Chorizo Sausage, Orrechiette Pasta with Peas, Ham and Cream

    Recipes: Linguine with Manila Clams and Spicy Chorizo Sausage

  • 30 Minute Gut Buster


    A meal that will have you loosening your belt and asking for more. Spinach and Hot Ham Fake-Baked Pasta with a Crispy Top and a...

    Recipes: Celery and Portobello Salad Spinach and Hot Ham Fake-Baked Pasta with a Crispy Top

  • Food to Go


    Nigella Lawson shares her take on fabulous portable food, from an entire feast of Mushroom Pasta Bake and stunning Cranberry Glazed...

    Recipes: Big Pasta with Mushroom, Parsley, Garlic and Thyme Fully Festive Ham Nigella's Hungarian Sandwich Quadruple Chocolate Loaf Cake

  • At Ease Italian


    For an easy-to-please Italian menu, Sandra has just the solution! Start with an antipasti plate with a selection of Italian meats and...

    Recipes: Antipasti Capputini Gnocchi and Chicken with Roasted Garlic and Gorgonzola Cream Mocha-nut Cream Cups Zucchini Oreganata