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  • Giada's Picnic Picks


    Cook up a few of Giada's favorite picnic foods for your next summer get-together.

  • Summer Beach BBQ


    A scorching day in the Hamptons means only one thing, a beach BBQ. Join Ina for delicious portable picnic food BBQ chicken cooked at...

    Recipes: Affogato Barbecued Chicken Broccoli with Garlic and Soy Sauce Long Island Iced Tea Mai Tai Manhattan Meringues with Cassis and Raspberries Peaches in Sauternes Raspberry Sauce Smoked Salmon Spread Szechuan Noodles Toasted Baguette

  • Pack and Go Party


    This is back to basics on delicious and simple pack and go picnic food. Ina Garten fills guests picnic bags filled with Roasted...

    Recipes: Pita Stuffed with Tabbouleh and Shards of Feta Roasted Shrimp Salad Ultimate Ginger Cookie

  • Picnic in the Park


    English summers are so unreliable that Jaime is overjoyed when his day off coincides with brilliant sunshine. It's a perfect day for...

  • Spring Picnic


    First up, a perfect picnic food - Cucumber Tea Sandwich Flowers that are bite-sized and beautiful! Then it's her main course, a...

    Recipes: Cucumber Tea Sandwich Flowers Fresh Herb Pasta Salad Grilled Raspberry Chicken May Day Centerpiece Cake May Pole Punch

  • Pack it and Go


    Sometimes you just have to get up and go - and this is the perfect meal to take along with you. We're on a vineyard hopping bike ride...

    Recipes: Chicken Salad with Fennel Spice Fresh Fruit Smoothie Lucca Style Roasted Olives Michael's Energy Bars Salami Salad with Tomatoes and Mozzarella

  • Food To Go


    Take your picnic food to another level with these quick yet more upscale recipes. Polenta Stars; Pan Bagnat; Crispy Buffalo Chicken...

    Recipes: Crispy Buffalo Chicken Salad and Slaw Nicoise Tuna Sandwich: Pan Bagnat SkyMeal's Star-Cut Polenta Cakes