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  • Pittsburgh, PA


    Bobby Flay is off to Pittsburgh for a sample of some regional eats that includes a tour of Heinz University, jawbreaking sandwiches...

    Restaurants: Isaly's Co. Pittsburgh Pierogies Plus McKees Rocks Primanti Bros. Pittsburgh Union Grill Pittsburgh

    Recipes: Balsamic BBQ Sauce Citrus and Ancho Chili Ketchup Horseradish Fry Sauce Pesto Ketchup Potato and Jalapeno Pepper Pierogies Relish Ketchup Spicy Orange Barbecue Sauce and Dip

  • Pittsburgh


    Visit Sand Hill Berries for everything from jams and jellies to vinaigrettes and cordials. Then discover the cities best pierogies at...

  • Real Deal Italian


    Guy Fieri checks out classic Italian joints including a Baltimore deli making lasagna from scratch, in San Diego, a pizza joint where...

    Restaurants: DiPasquale's Italian Marketplace Baltimore Lo Bello's Coraopolis Pizzeria Luigi San Diego

    Recipes: DiPasquale's - Arancini LoBello's Spaghetti House - Gnocchi LoBello's Spaghetti House - Gnocchi Pizzeria Luigi - Mona Lisa Pizza

  • Cookin' It Old School


    Guy Fieri uncovers three joints puttin' a piece of history on the table: In New Orleans, an oyster bar where nothing's changed since...

    Restaurants: Big Mama's Kitchen & Catering Omaha Casamento's Restaurant New Orleans Casamento's Restaurant New Orleans Nadine's Restaurant Pittsburgh

    Recipes: Big Mama's Kitchen - Oven Fried Chicken Casamento's - Oyster Stew Nadine's - Na's Pasta