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  • Family Traditions


    This week The Kitchen is celebrating family traditions. Katie kicks things off with a Beef Stew Re-Do as she updates her...

    Recipes: "Crabby" Potato Chips Beef Stew Blueberry Yogurt Pops Cabbage Roll Phyllo Pockets Chocolate-Drizzled Potato Chips Pesto-Rubbed Baked Salmon with Smashed Cucumber and Green Apple Salad Red Velvet Milkshake Seasoned Pita Chips Tear-Away Cheesy Bread

  • Under the Sea


    One of the best parts of living in Savannah is the fresh fish'So Paula's taking to the sea with The Lady's Bouillabaisse, a delicious...

    Recipes: Crab Martini Fired Up Rosemary Salmon The Lady's Bouillabaisse Wild Rice and Oyster Casserole

  • Hometown Foods


    Paula takes viewers' hometown foods and gives them the "Paula Deen treatment." She makes a four-cheese souffle for a viewer from...

    Recipes: 4 Cheese Souffle Crab Soup Peach Cream Tart Peanut Butter Cheese Cake Minis Poached Salmon Mousse with Dill Sauce