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Claire's BBQ Turkey Sliders

Caramelized onions with BBQ sauce top Claire's 5-ingredient turkey sliders.
Season 2, Episode 5

No-Cook Dinner

Not in the mood to cook dinner? Claire creates four no-cook and no-fuss recipes for those nights! She begins by whipping up her flavorful Smooth White Grape Gazpacho and appetizing Panzanella Stuffed Heirloom Tomatoes. Next, she makes a yummy Antipasti Chopped Salad and refreshing Limoncello Raspberry Torte.

Jul 12
8pm | 7c
Season 4, Episode 7

Passport Picnic

This meal will transport your taste buds to faraway places, even if you are just having a picnic in the park. Claire starts things off with a fresh cucumber salad topped off with a creamy Greek yogurt dressing. She then makes delicious lamb sandwiches with crumbled feta cheese and finishes things off with a toasted Israeli couscous made with only 5 tasty ingredients.

Jul 18
8pm | 7c
Season 5, Episode 3

Getting Eggy With It

Claire uses the ultimate double duty ingredient to cook up some mouth watering dishes. Using eggs in every single dish, Claire takes the most versatile ingredient and creates four delicious recipes.

Aug 4
8pm | 7c
Season 5, Episode 8

Underground Russia

This episode is all about traditional Russian favorites as Claire takes the hearty and palatable dishes of Russian food and simplifies them by using only 5 ingredients.

Sep 16
8pm | 7c
Season 2, Episode 11

Harvest Flavors

Claire focuses on the flavors of autumn with a harvest inspired menu. She's got all the tricks and treats you'll need to celebrate the season, including a festive candy dessert.

Sep 23
8pm | 7c
Season 4, Episode 11

Gal Pal Mammas

On this episode, Claire is paying tribute to all the moms who have inspired her cooking. She's starting things off with a delicious appetizer, Tarragon Deviled Eggs. Then, she is reinventing a classic with her Twice Cooked Turkey Meatloaf, a tasty and healthier alternative to the meatloaf we all know and love. For the perfect complement, Claire's Creamy Leek and Corn Orzo doesn't disappoint, and for those moms who enjoy a cocktail as dessert, Espresso Martinis are chocolaty and made with just 5 easy ingredients.

Aug 8
10am | 9c
Season 6, Episode 3

My Team Is on Fire

Claire celebrates all her sports fans and game day fanatics alike with a menu that is sure to score at any party! Claire starts with a classic, the chicken wing, and eliminates the fuss with her broiled hot pepper wings. She then takes all the best of Buffalo Chicken and puts it in a creamy, delicious dip. Next, Claire fries up a light and crisp calamari served with pickled jalapeno sauce. Don't forget to toast your team with Claire's custom, red hot shot. This will be a menu that will have you cheering for the game and your taste buds!

Oct 10
10am | 9c
Season 5, Episode 13

Penny Pinching Pleasers

On this episode Claire serves up the perfect money saving menu as she cooks up some savory and sweet favorites.

Jan 16
10am | 9c
Season 5, Episode 8

Underground Russia

This episode is all about traditional Russian favorites as Claire takes the hearty and palatable dishes of Russian food and simplifies them by using only 5 ingredients.

Apr 3
10am | 9c
Season 2, Episode 6

Dinner's in the Fridge

Claire whips up an incredible make-ahead feast served easily straight from the fridge. Her aromatic Pale Broccoli Soup begins the meal, and her scrumptious Ginger Poached Salmon with Lime Basil Cream pairs beautifully with flavor-packed Chilled Peanut Soba Noodles. For a great light dessert, Claire creates Frozen Lemon Whip with Blueberry Sauce.

The recipe for Claire's broccoli soup is not yet available.

Mar 26
10am | 9c
Season 4, Episode 2

Big State BBQ

True BBQ has nothing to do with grilling, so Claire Robinson braises her Beef Brisket for maximum juiciness and intense flavor. Pair that with a cheesy Orange and Blue Grilled Romaine Salad, and Bourbon-spiked Three B's Beans for the quintessential BBQ dinner.

May 28
10am | 9c
Season 4, Episode 10

Figgy Piggy

Ham is a year-round Southern staple and one of Claire's most beloved foods. On this episode, she's updating her childhood favorite and making a simple but very flavorful Fig Glazed Ham accompanied by a parsnip apple puree for that perfect sweet and salty combo. And for a dessert that screams southern comfort, cobble topped blackberries; they are a sweet-and-tangy treat made with just 5 ingredients.

Oct 15
10am | 9c
Season 6, Episode 4

Breakfast In Bed For Mama

Time to let Mama sleep in while you rise and shine in the kitchen! Claire shows us how to make a decadent French toast cooked to a golden perfection and stuffed with a creamy hazelnut spread. You can't forget the meat of the meal! Claire cooks up deliciously juicy and spicy turkey patties. Next, try a simple and crunchy granola good enough to keep Mama going all day long. For something refreshing and light, a zesty lemon syrup that mom can use any day, drizzled over fresh fruit. Last but not least, Claire makes a hot malted vanilla drink perfect for you and mama to enjoy together. Wake up your inner chef while Mama relaxes today on 5 Ingredient Fix!

May 13
10am | 9c

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In her new daytime cooking series, 5 Ingredient Fix, host Claire Robinson proves delicious dishes need only five ingredients or fewer to make cooking easier, faster and downright irresistible. Claire shows viewers how to enhance the natural flavors of carefully selected, fresh ingredients to illustrate her belief that each ingredient should truly stand out in a recipe. With eclectic and elegant menus perfect for every occasion, her straightforward cooking style promotes healthy, seasonal eating as well as stress-free shopping. Claire minimizes fuss and maximizes taste to achieve mouthwatering meals in no time!

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Claire Robinson

On 5 Ingredient Fix, Claire Robinson whips up deliciously eclectic recipes made with five ingredients or fewer.

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