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Go behind the scenes as the crew visits the Hershey factory and school.
Season 9, Episode 6

Boston and the Pops

Wait, is that Duff ... in a TUXEDO?! Check out Baltimore's famous chef as he heads up to Boston to deliver a cake to the Boston Pops Orchestra and conduct the Pops' rousing encore. Duff also comes face to face with another Boston legend when he takes on the green monster, throwing out the first pitch in one of the Red Sox' season openers. Then, it's off to the races, with a huge trophy cake for the 85th running of the acclaimed steeplechase the Virginia Gold Cup.

Jul 10
8pm | 7c
Season 4, Episode 4

Airplanes and Arks

The week begins with a 13-year-old girl's Bat Mitzvah and the cake she asked for, Noah's Ark with a unicorn on an island looking sad.

Then, Delta Airlines is opening up a sky lounge in New York City that will also celebrate the launch of the Food Bank NYC Goes Orange. The cake is a replica of a Delta Airliner.

Last, a couple who resides in Brooklyn have asked Duff to make a cake of their favorite subway car that they take into Manhattan everyday.

Sep 26
8pm | 7c
Season 9, Episode 10

Grand Ole Opry

Duff rushes to finish a cake for the 85th anniversary of the Grand Ole Opry -- a cake with a real mic inside! But perhaps Duff's cake dreams have finally gone too far this time. The cake starts sagging, the mic's not working, and Duff and Geof scramble to keep it together as the curtain is about to go up!

Oct 31
8pm | 7c
Season 9, Episode 12

Slow Mules and Fast Cars

Duff and Geof take their RV bakery south, to cattle country, for some Cadillac graffiti, gun shooting and mule riding with the locals. Then Duff gets to feed his need for speed, taking a NASCAR-approved racecar through its paces at the Charlotte Speedway and making a cake for one of the country's hottest racing teams.

Jan 24
7pm | 6c
Season 7, Episode 10

En Garde!

This week Erika is tasked with creating an extravagant, 5-cakes-in-1 anniversary cake for Philadelphia's famed Mummers Parade, only to have gravity rain on her parade as full-blown cake-meltdown strikes. Duff is asked to throw out the first pitch at an Orioles game but has to be taught how to throw a ball first. And in a bakery first, Charm City Cakes is challenged to a duel by one of their clients. Will Geof be able to defend the bakery's honor?

Sep 7
4:30am | 3:30c
Season 9, Episode 7

Happy Birthday Jimmy John's

Chef Duff and his staff of decorators hit the high seas (or maybe it's the Port of Baltimore) for a boating adventure in order to create a stellar sailing cake. And the bakery mourns the loss of a renowned landmark when a hot dog stand surprise cake is cancelled after the location burns down the morning of their 70th anniversary!

Nov 30
4am | 3c
Season 6, Episode 9


Charm City Cakes is home to its first proposal ever captured on camera. A couple arrives from Ohio and the groom-to-be pops the question with a giant fortune cookie cake. Ben makes a spot-on replica of an anesthesia machine for a bunch of anesthesiologists, and Anna creates an Edgar Allan Poe-themed cake to celebrate the birthday of Mary Alice's favorite Baltimore restaurant.

Aug 2
4am | 3c
Season 7, Episode 1

Baked Alaska

Duff heads to the Great White North to get a taste for frontier living as he prepares a cake for Alaska's 50th anniversary of statehood. At the bakery it's a spacey week with Jupiter and the Hubble, sci-fi ships and even pigs that fly! Plus, the CCC crew chips in for the Share Our Strength bake sale and cake auction. It's a week of dog sledding, snowboarding and polar bear swimming on Ace of Cakes. And what are the Jon & Kate sextuplets doing in the bakery??

Jan 17
4am | 3c
Season 8, Episode 5

A Four Letter Word For Pastry

Charm City Cakes is bitten by the crossword bug as they concoct a living crossword wedding cake. Chef Duff and his decorators hob nob with celebrities as they participate in a star-studded USO gala ... and then deliver the cake to the everyday service men and women.

Aug 15
4am | 3c
Season 10, Episode 4

Come On Down!!

It's game show hysteria when Duff is asked to be a surprise guest on THE PRICE IS RIGHT. Creating three huge cakes to be featured on the show, Duff and his staff hit the road, driving the cakes across country and then dive into a behind-the-scenes game show adventure with host Drew Carey. Will someone get to win Baltimore's famous chef in the final showcase?

Oct 17
4am | 3c
Season 7, Episode 6

Big Red Squig

Duff suits up to do battle as he and Ben whip up the craziest video game star ever... the Big Red Squig... and meet some uber gaming fans. Geof's Pinto cake starts leaking fluid on its delivery run and Katie has trouble seeing straight as she does a cake for a video tribute at the Contemporary Museum. Geof clues us into the traits that make us his crack cake delivery staff and spatulas go flying as Video Duff goes to war, onscreen, against his nemesis, the flesh-eating Squig.

Nov 14
4am | 3c
Season 7, Episode 5

Yankee Stadium

Elena tunes up her music skills by making a unique bass guitar for a client with a special story. Erica is overwhelmed with the challenges of doing a cake for the Mummers in Philadelphia and Duff, Geof and Mary head up to New York to celebrate the Yankees new stadium and meet some very big names in baseball.

Jan 29
3:30pm | 2:30c
Season 8, Episode 1

Man Caves

It's a testosterone-filled bakery as Tony Siragusa, Jason Cameron and the crew of DIY's MAN CAVES invades Charm City Cakes to outfit Duff with a new guy-themed basement. Duff, Elena and Geof road trip to the windy city to deliver a cake and wow the lovers of the independent music scene with some Baltimore rock.

Mar 6
4:30am | 3:30c

About the Show

Meet Chef Duff. Shaping cakes with drill saws and blowtorches, and staffing his bakery with fellow rock musicians, he's not your typical baker. However, he's one of the most sought-after decorative cake makers in the country. Every week at Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, Duff and his team of artists try to meet the demands of creating up to 20 cakes a week, some of which take up to 29 hours to build! From a tilted Dr. Seuss-like seven-tiered wedding cake to an almost perfect replica of Wrigley Field, Duff can build it. Go behind the scenes to see how he and his fellow cake bakers dish up sugar and spice in the most unexpected and entertaining ways.

About the Host

Duff Goldman

Ace of Cakes' Duff Goldman started cooking at age 4, when his mom caught him swinging around a cleaver while watching Chef Tell on TV.