Alex's Day Off

Hosted by Alex Guarnaschelli

French Bistro Fare

These French Bistro dishes are inspired by Alex's years spent in Paris working as a chef. It starts with a Croque Madam - a creamy béchamel sauce gets drizzled over melted parmesan and ham. Then the sandwich gets topped with a fried egg. To cut through that heavy sandwich dream, Alex makes a wilted spinach salad topped with bacon and a tangy vinaigrette. Then she poaches shrimp in a secret cauldron of bay leaves, lemon, peppercorns, and Tabasco. The shrimp come out poached with a hint of all those flavors. To top it off - the French 75 - a classic bistro cocktail and the kick you'll need for this Bistro inspired meal. (Episode: GE0305H)

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