Bakin' with Bacon

British baking kingpin, Paul Hollywood, hosts while all-star judges Damaris Phillips and Buddy Valastro attempt to sift the bakers from the fakers in this twist on Cooks vs. Cons. In the first round, contestants must create their most delectable pie featuring the ultimate savory ingredient: bacon. In the second round, bakers and fakers alike must feature corn in their sweet treat. (Episode: KD0100H)

The First Look: Secret-Identity Desserts

Take a peek at the featured treats that the competitors will make, and see if you can guess which are made by professional bakers and which by culinary fakers.

Test Your Culinary Prowess

Take these quizzes to see if you could handle the heat in a restaurant kitchen and whether your culinary knowledge is that of a pro chef or an average Joe.

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More Kitchen Fake-Outs
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