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Pan Broiled Flank Steak

Asian Style Braised Ham Steak

Marbleized Almond Pound Cake

Second Time Around Veal Stew "Marengo" Style

Pasta with a Sicilian Flair

Second Time Around Vegetable Soup

Broiled Marinated Tofu Sandwich

Stir-Fried Asian Tofu

Asian Style Turkey Salad

Mashed Potatoes with Spinach and Cheese

Bruschetta in a Classic Method

Fruit Lassi

Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies

Second Time Around Mushroom Pizza

World's Best Rice Pudding

No Work Salmon Chowder

Celery Root Remoulade

Pasta with Fresh Vegetables and Mozzarella

Reasonable Crabmeat Saute

Chicken Satay-Style with Couscous

Hard Boiled Eggs in Curried Tomato Sauce

Apricot Souffles

Second Time Around Corned Beef Hash

Maria's Ischli Cookies

Chicken, Pepper and Tomatoes

Giant Biscuits with Shrimp Gravy

Braised Halibut