Anne Thornton in the Kitchen

Expert pastry chef Anne Thornton shares the secrets to baking like a pro in her Food Network series, Dessert First With Anne Thornton.

Ooey-Gooey Goodness

A good caramel sauce isn't just irresistible, it's versatile: Anne uses it in a wide range of her desserts ... and is also happy serving it with just a spoon!

Upper-Crust Crust

If you're in the habit of forgoing homemade crusts to save time, Anne just may change your thinking. Her expert secrets for a fast, reliable and rave-worthy crust are simple yet scrumptious.

Dessert Fruit Fave

Apple desserts have their own special following, and with all the appealing options out there — pies, fritters, cakes, turnovers — it's no wonder. Look to Anne for fresh new takes on classic apple favorites.

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Anne Burrell Bio

Anne Burrell has worked at some of New York's top restaurants and hosts Chef Wanted, Worst Cooks in America and Secrets of a Restaurant Chef.