Grillin', Chillin' and Huli Huli Chicken

This trip, Guy's steppin' up to unique grills on the mainland and beyond. In Miami, Fla., the husband/wife duo serving up classic Americana with a 21st century twist like the smoky fried chicken and Buffalo-style pig wings. In Orange County, Calif., the anything-but-average taco truck grilling steaks for the drunken torta and deep frying green chicken chilaquiles. And on Oahu, Hawaii, Guy's favorite rotisserie chicken joint cranking out the island's signature huli huli chicken. (Episode: DV1911H)

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  • Recipe courtesy of Mike's Huli Huli Chicken
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    Cook Time:
    5 min
  • Recipe courtesy of The Federal
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    Cook Time:
    1 hr 35 min
  • Recipe courtesy of Tamarindo
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    Cook Time:
    55 min
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