Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Sandwiches Plus Highlights

Colossal Cafe Flappers

Colossal Cafe: tiny joint, big name, best breakfast in Minneapolis.

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  • Reuben Sandwich at the Elk
    Reuben Sandwich at the Elk (01:57)
    Smoked Onion Sauce
    Smoked Onion Sauce (02:42)
    Colossal Cafe's Marinated Pork
    Colossal Cafe's Marinated Pork (02:02)
    Colossal's Meatloaf Sandwich
    Colossal's Meatloaf Sandwich (01:51)
    Colossal Cafe Flappers
    Colossal Cafe Flappers (02:27)
    Maui's Hot Dog Soprano
    Maui's Hot Dog Soprano (02:44)