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Cooking Club for Men

Don't miss this classic he-man, meat and potato meal as Michael hosts a monthly get together of men who love to cook. It's easier than it looks with Michael's special chef's secrets. While the men flex their culinary muscles, the women sit back and enjoy the show!

Day Before Party:

  • Prepare and mix Arborio rice coating for onion rings and white beans

  • Cook and cool white beans

2 Hours Before Party:

  • Prepare Crispy White Beans in Chili Oil

Hour Before Dinner:

  • Prepare Onion Rings for Heirloom Tomato Stack

  • Make Heirloom Tomato Stack with Onion Rings and Blue Cheese

  • Caramelize onions for Asparagus Pasta dish

  • Make Asparagus Pesto sauce, boil pasta

  • Cut and prepare steaks

At Party:

  • Assemble Asparagus Pesto with Tiny Potatoes and Pasta

  • Serve, Eat and Enjoy

Wine Recommendation
Gargiulo Vineyard Chianti

(Episode: MO1B08)

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