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Lighten Up!

The secret to happy dieting? Count the flavor, not the calories with fast and delicious fruit vinegars, caramelized veggies, a citrusy halibut salad, even a bit of rich zabaglione with strawberries. Heaven (not heavy)!

Day Before Dinner:

  • Prepare honey zabiglione for dessert

  • Reduce tomato juice for a broken vinaigrette

  • Make caramelized onion and mango sauces to be drizzled on zucchini batons for appetizer

  • Finish broken tomato vinaigrette dressing

Day of Dinner:

  • Wrap proscuitto around zucchini batons & saute them

Half Hour Before Dinner:

  • Make corn and fava bean salad for halibut

  • Makes dressing for corn & fava bean salad

  • Season and pre-saute the halibut

  • Saute zucchini batons with mango and caramelized onion dressings drizzled on top of the batons

  • Serve zucchini appetizers to guests

Dinner Party:

  • Finish halibut in the oven

  • Plate and serve dinner

(Episode: MO1B01)

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