Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello

Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello Episodes

Wine Recommendation
Chiarello Vineyards Cabernet (Episode: MO1B06)

  • Paella Party

    A spectacular outdoor party with this classic.one dish meal - so easy because it's cooked inside, and then taken outside to eat right out of the pan! Ole!

    Day Before Party:

    • Make ham hock flavored broth for paella

    • Make and assemble creamy pancetta dressing

    • Chop all vegetables and garlic for preparation of paella next day

    • Assemble and strain espresso flan mixture

    • Make caramel for flan

    • Assemble and bake flan

    1 Hour Before Party:

    • Mix and assemble sangria

    • Loosen up and flip flan onto teir serving plates

    • Saute seasoned meats for paella and set aside

    45 Minutes Before Party:

    • Assemble rest of paella, vegetables rice and broth

    At Party:

    • Cut Iceberg wedges for party

    • Re-assemble Paella before serving

    Wine Recommendation
    Garguilo Vineyard Pinot Grigio

    (Episode: MO1B07)

  • Cooking Club for Men

    Don't miss this classic he-man, meat and potato meal as Michael hosts a monthly get together of men who love to cook. It's easier than it looks with Michael's special chef's secrets. While the men flex their culinary muscles, the women sit back and enjoy the show!

    Day Before Party:

    • Prepare and mix Arborio rice coating for onion rings and white beans

    • Cook and cool white beans

    2 Hours Before Party:

    • Prepare Crispy White Beans in Chili Oil

    Hour Before Dinner:

    • Prepare Onion Rings for Heirloom Tomato Stack

    • Make Heirloom Tomato Stack with Onion Rings and Blue Cheese

    • Caramelize onions for Asparagus Pasta dish

    • Make Asparagus Pesto sauce, boil pasta

    • Cut and prepare steaks

    At Party:

    • Assemble Asparagus Pesto with Tiny Potatoes and Pasta

    • Serve, Eat and Enjoy

    Wine Recommendation
    Gargiulo Vineyard Chianti

    (Episode: MO1B08)

  • Hot Stuff

    Bring your iron clad stomach to this devilish meal full of peppers and spice. Just in case it's too hot to handle, we're sharing ours with the local fire department! So fast and easy, it's smokin'!

    Day Before Party:

    • Mix, strain and freeze Jalapeno ice cubes

    • Make flour coating for Angry Prawns

    • Chop vegetables for final preparation of Angry Prawns with citrus salad the next da

    • Prepare, blend, and sauté Salsa Rosa

    Day of Party:

    • Mix Bloody Maria

    2 Hours Before Party:

    • Make Hot Chocolate

    45 Minutes Before Party:

    • Finish Preparing the Angry Prawn with citrus salad

    • Assemble final Bloody Marias including lined glasses and Jalapeno ice cubes

    • Assemble Salsa Rosa with spaggetini and grilled flank steak

    • Assemble Hot Chocolate dessert

    (Episode: MO1B09)

  • Campground Cookout

    No room for a party? No problem! Invite your friends for a giant cookout at your local state park. This party is as easy as it is fun as Michael gives tips for simple cooking in an outdoor fire. Because you eat it all with your hands, you won't even have to wash dishes!

    Day Before Party:

    • Make and refrigerate caponata

    • Puree Basil Chive butter, refrigerate

    • Soak and wrap radicchio leaves

    2 Hours Before Party:

    • Clean and cut crabs for cooking

    • Pack cooler for campground

    At the Party:

    • Fill radicchio lettuce cups and serve

    • Shuck corn

    • Heat Olive Oil for crab

    • Roast corn, coat with butter, serve

    • Finish cooking crab

    • Clean up campsite

    • Roast Marshmallows

    • Assemble and serve S’mores over fire

    Wine Recommendation
    Garguilo Vineyard Pinot Grigio; Gargiulo Vineyard Cabernet

    (Episode: MO1B10)

  • Summer Surplus Celebration

    Got too many tomatoes? We've got just as many ways to fix them. Its use 'em or lose 'em time as Michael hosts this fun cook along party. Guests bring their extra crops and cook up enough for everyone to stock their freezers. At the end of the day - the annual tomato fight!

    Morning of Party:

    • Blanche, peel, strain seeds and excess juices from tomatoes, puree and refrigerate setting aside the strained juice.

    2 Hour Before Party:

    • Prepare tiella, and put in oven to bake

    • Assemble basil ice cream, replace in freezer until ready to serve.

    1 Hour Before Party:

    • Used strained tomato water to assemble and serve Mozzarella Martini with Fresh Tomato consommé.

    • Season steak

    • Grill and mix together the Salsa Cruda

    • Grill steak and bread.

    • Assemble steak on top of bread and top with Salsa Cruda before serving.

    Wine Recommendation
    Garguilo Vineyard Pinot Grigio; Stonefly Vineyards Cabernet Franc
    (Episode: MO1B11)

  • Lazy Sunday Open House

    Michael Chiarello shares great tips for a simple cheese plate and great wines to make you the most sophisticated, relaxed host around. Throw open the doors and let them come!

    Day Before Party:

    • Mix beginnings of focaccia together, let stand for 15 minutes to rise

    • Make white bean puree for bruschetta, refrigerate

    • Add rest of flour to risen focaccia dough, mix fruit topping

    • Mix half of fruit topping into dough, knead with hands into ball, refrigerate overnight.

    2 Hours Before Party:

    • Take focaccia bread dough, mold into baking pan, cover and set aside to rise again.

    • Slice bruschetta for white bean dip, bake in oven

    • Assemble, puree and refrigerate Melon soup.

    • Finish bruschetta by coating with garlic and extra virgin olive oi

    • Bake focaccia in oven till light brown

    1 Hour Before Party:

    • Top focaccia with fruit mixture, bake for 7 or 8 more minutes

    • Set up cheese course on tray with fruits, breads, garnishes and crackers. Leave it out to get it to room temperature.

    • Roast and bake almonds

    • Set out wines

    Wine Recommendation
    Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand or California Central Coast); Syrah (Napa, Rhone, or Australian)

    (Episode: MO1B12)

  • Are You Ready for Some Football

    Are you ready for some chips, dips and a hearty meal that will score with your friends? It's easy. Bring your team spirit and your appetites; we're watching the big game from the back of the pickup!

    Day Before Game:

    • Mix and refrigerate Spiedini sausage

    • Coat and caramelize meat for the Chiarello Chocolate Chili con Carne

    • Mix and stew broth for chili, recombine it with the meat, simmer for 1 and 1/2 hours

    • Strain and add black beans and chocolate to chili, simmer, cool and refrigerate

    Day of Game:

    • Pop popcorn for both flavored popcorn

    • Coat and mix Basil-Parmesan Flavored Popcorn

    • Coat and mix Chocolate-Orange Flavored Popcorn

    • Mold Spiedini sausage onto soaked skewers, wrap in foil to ready for grill

    • Grill Avocados, mash and mix Rockamole

    • Heat up chili on stove, transfer to pot, that is portable, to get to party

    • Pack up foods and popcorns to go to party

    At Game:

    • Grill Skewers on BBQ

    • Heat up chili in pot on grill

    Wine Recommendation
    Garguilo Vineyard Pinot Grigio; beer
    (Episode: MO1B13)