Season 1, Episode 12

Lazy Sunday Open House

Michael Chiarello shares great tips for a simple cheese plate and great wines to make you the most sophisticated, relaxed host around. Throw open the doors and let them come!

Day Before Party:

  • Mix beginnings of focaccia together, let stand for 15 minutes to rise

  • Make white bean puree for bruschetta, refrigerate

  • Add rest of flour to risen focaccia dough, mix fruit topping

  • Mix half of fruit topping into dough, knead with hands into ball, refrigerate overnight.

2 Hours Before Party:

  • Take focaccia bread dough, mold into baking pan, cover and set aside to rise again.

  • Slice bruschetta for white bean dip, bake in oven

  • Assemble, puree and refrigerate Melon soup.

  • Finish bruschetta by coating with garlic and extra virgin olive oi

  • Bake focaccia in oven till light brown

1 Hour Before Party:

  • Top focaccia with fruit mixture, bake for 7 or 8 more minutes

  • Set up cheese course on tray with fruits, breads, garnishes and crackers. Leave it out to get it to room temperature.

  • Roast and bake almonds

  • Set out wines

Wine Recommendation
Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand or California Central Coast); Syrah (Napa, Rhone, or Australian)

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