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Luscious Italian Fig Appetizer

Gather up your favorite ingredients for an amazing Italian appetizer.

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  • Luscious Italian Fig Appetizer
    Luscious Italian Fig Appetizer (05:35)
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    Spinach and Pancetta Strata (04:12)
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    Light and Healthy Penne (05:01)
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    Classic Vegetable Scapece (03:49)
    Prosciutto Ravioli
    Prosciutto Ravioli (05:07)
  • Iced Amaretto Cappuccino
    Iced Amaretto Cappuccino (02:35)
    Flavorful Mini Frittatas
    Flavorful Mini Frittatas (05:15)
    Italian Hot Fudge Sundae
    Italian Hot Fudge Sundae (02:32)
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    Chocolate Dessert Calzones (05:29)
    Decadent Chocolate Mousse Cups
    Decadent Chocolate Mousse Cups (05:11)
    Hearty Escarole and Bean Soup
    Hearty Escarole and Bean Soup (05:10)
    Easy Pizzette with Gorgonzola
    Easy Pizzette with Gorgonzola (02:16)
  • Arugula with Fried Gorgonzola
    Arugula with Fried Gorgonzola (04:46)
    Easy Grilled Seafood Salad
    Easy Grilled Seafood Salad (05:01)
    Cool Lime-oncello Spritzers
    Cool Lime-oncello Spritzers (02:38)
    Goat Cheese and Beet Salad
    Goat Cheese and Beet Salad (04:27)