Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin

Hosted by Jeff Corwin


Jeff Corwin explores the cultural regions of Spain in search of their culinary specialties. On the rough coast of Galicia, known as the Coast of Death, he dives headfirst into a job that claims the lives of several fishermen a year in search of prized gooseneck barnacles that thrive in the rough seas. Jeff hunts down the flavorful and savored ham of acorn-eating Iberico pigs in La Alberca as he travels inland and participates in an annual harvest ritual celebrating a species of wild green onion in Valls. To wrap up his tasty adventure, he visits a bustling Barcelona market in search of pig parts to make a classic Catalan escudella, and he tries out his cooking skills as he prepares bacalao a pil pil, a difficult cod dish, for a men’s club in San Sebastian. (Episode: JX0202H)