Food Network Challenge

Hosted by Claire Robinson

World Pastry Team Championship

Ten international pastry teams have come to Phoenix, Ariz., for the World Pastry Team Championship to prove who the best of the best is in a two-day culinary marathon. Team USA has taken first in the past two championships and they're aiming for a three-peat. But Team France and Team Japan plan on dethroning the reigning champs. A win here means taking home the $50,000 prize and the achievement of a lifetime.


Captain: Bruno Moncoudiol
Team Member: Franck Michel
Team Member: Franck Kestener
Manager: Stephane Glacier
Judge: Laurent Le Daniel

Captain: Silvio Bessone
Team Member: Lucio Forino
Team Member: Roberto Rinaldini
Manager: Biagio Settepani
Judge: Leonardo Di Carlo

Captain: Koichi Izumi
Team Member: Masaaki Hayashi
Team Member: Shuji Muto
Manager: Kanjiro Mochizuki
Judge: Makoto Kato

Captain: Thomas Trevethan
Team Member: Jose Polanco Pech
Team Member: Barbaciano Kavil Chan
Manager: Oscar Ortega
Judge: Margarita Vin

Captain: Janusz Profus
Team Member: Pawel Malecki
Team Member: Maciej Pieta
Manager: Adam Sowa
Judge: Jaroslaw Zbaliszyn

Captain: Elena Medvedeva
Team Member: Alexander Ilyukhin
Team Member: Andrey Polovinkin
Manager: Elena Shramko
Judge: Igor Bukharov

Captain: Lim Kim Wah
Team Member: Then Chui Foong
Team Member: Alex Yen Hing Long
Manager: Steven Ong
Judge: Kenny Kong

South Korea
Captain: Mun-Sung Choi
Team Member: Kyung-Whan Byun
Team Member: Myung-Ju Sung
Manager: Chang-Hyun Ahn
Judge: Young-Teag Jung

Captain: Rolf Murner
Team Member: Thomas Schwarzenberger
Team Member: Gerald Saudan
Manager: Franz Ziegler
Judge: Adrian Bader

Captain: Laurent Lhuillier
Team Member: James (Jim) Mullaney
Team Member: David Ramirez
Manager: Laurent Branlard
Judge: Stanton Ho


(Episode: CC0406H)