Dzintra Dzenis

Eliminated Week 3

, 44 (Austin, Texas), a caterer since age 17, really knows her way around the kitchen. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris with a Grand Diplome, signifying mastery in both pastry and cuisine, and enjoys updating classic dishes with a flare of elegance. Dzintra teaches private cooking classes, hosts a supper club and spends time with her husband and 12-year-old daughter.

Food specialty: New American Fusion

Favorite restaurant: Chez Georges in Paris

Three foods you can't live without (other than bread or water): Sushi, green vegetables and a great big juicy steak

Food you won't go near: Anything with too many arms and legs

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten: Pig ears and knuckles in aspic

Interests and hobbies: Cooking, any kind of dance, music and movies

Favorite Food Network chef: Duff Goldman

Favorite shows (don't have to be on Food Network): Iron Chef, American Idol and Law & Order

Favorite food destination: France

Culinary inspirations: My mom's cooking, beautiful food photos and French markets and bakeries

Three people, alive or dead, whom you'd like to invite to a dinner party, and what culinary delights would you prepare for your guests: Clint Eastwood, Sandra Bullock and Thomas Keller. I'd cook the following:

  • A cool and refreshing Mojito, using my garden mint
  • Ceviche of Hawaiian Blue Prawns and Hamachi, tossed with fresh avocado, spring onions, diced jalapenos and crisp English cucumbers
  • Butter-Crusted Sea Bass with a cilantro beurre-blanc, served with rice pilaf tossed with sweet summer corn, bell peppers and crunchy macadamia nuts
  • Yuzu-Habanera sorbet with a splash of Champagne "Spoon"
  • Sweet summer peaches baked in phyllo-thin crust, topped with butter crumble topping and fresh whipped cream

Favorite books
: Jane Eyre, Gone With the Wind and cookbooks with lots of photos

Favorite movies: My Cousin Vinny, The Bridges of Madison County and The Sound of Music

Why do you think you should be the Season 6 Food Network Star: My passion for food and cooking is so strong, it's contagious!

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