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Star Salvation Episode 6

The rivals make hometown favorites for a final shot at Salvation.

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With leftovers being the name of the game, the finalists have to reinvent day-old dinners by putting a breakfast spin on them — all while conveying their signature culinary points of view, of course.
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Not only must the finalists create next-level road-trip fare this week, but they must make sure their dishes are appropriate for kids as well. At the end of the battle, one hopeful falls for good.
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The judges introduce what Eddie calls "the wheel of innovation," which is full of everyday items the hopefuls must transform in next-level ways.
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Trends are the topic of the fourth battle, when Joy joins remaining hopefuls Yaku and Monterey in showcasing such of-the-moment ingredients as seaweed and coconut sugar. One of these finalists will fall, while two will inch closer to Salvation.
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The penultimate episode kicks off not with a taste of food but with a quick whiff of it. Then, it's all about creating harmony in flavor as the finalists have to use those mystery ingredients in their dishes.
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Three finalists attempt to prove themselves and their cooking chops to the mentors in the last battle, but ultimately only one hopeful will earn victory and the right to rejoin the Food Network Star competition.
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