Star Salvation

Food Network Star, Season 10: Star Salvation
Star Salvation Ep. 1, Part 1

An eliminated finalist fights fan favorites for a new shot at stardom.

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Star Salvation, Episode 1

Watch Episode 1 of Star Salvation, and see fan favorites Chad Rosenthal and Martie Duncan face off against the newly eliminated Star finalist.

Star Salvation, Episode 2

Watch Episode 2 of Star Salvation, and see how fan favorites Chad and Martie fare against the newly ousted rival.

Star Salvation, Episode 3

Watch Episode 3 of Star Salvation, and see fan-favorite Chad face off against eliminated rivals as they prepare snacks for a kid.

Star Salvation, Episode 4

Watch Episode 4 of Star Salvation, and see eliminated hopefuls conduct the interviews of their lives.

Star Salvation, Episode 5

Watch Episode 5 of Star Salvation, and see ousted rivals turn sweet treats into savory dishes.

Star Salvation, Episode 6

In the Star Salvation finale, three finalists face off for the chance to rejoin the competition.