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PHOTOS: Behind the Scenes of Episode 7 Jul 5, 2016

By: Maria Russo

Find out what the Food Network Star mentors and finalists are up to on set when the cameras stop rolling.

Food Star Kitchen by the Numbers Jun 16, 2016

By: Maria Russo

We're sharing the details of Food Network Star's Food Star Kitchen and dishing out little-known facts about what it takes to stock the space for competition.

Take a Photo Tour of Food Star Kitchen Jun 1, 2016

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Browse these exclusive photos for a look at the Food Network Star set that you won't see while watching the competition unfold at home.

Behind the Scenes of the Food Network Star, Season 12 Premiere May 24, 2016

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Go on the set of the Food Network Star premiere to see what it took to make the show possible.

PHOTOS: Behind the Scenes of the Premiere of Comeback Kitchen May 9, 2016

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Browse behind-the-scenes photos from the Comeback Kitchen premiere.

Inside Food Star Kitchen: Exclusive Photos and Culinary Trivia Jul 28, 2015

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Take a behind-the-scenes photo tour inside Food Star Kitchen for an exclusive look at where the finalists compete each week.

New Photos: Go Behind the Scenes of Food Network Star, Season 11 Jun 23, 2015

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Get an insider's look behind the scenes of Food Network Star, Season 11.

PHOTOS: Behind the Scenes of the Food Network Star Premiere Jun 9, 2015

By: Maria Russo

Get an insider's look at the making of the Food Network Star premiere, and see how the cast spent its time between takes.

Watch: Top Outtakes from Star Salvation Jul 23, 2014

By: Sarah De Heer

If you've seen an episode of Star Salvation, you probably know that it takes much more time to actually film one episode than the 10 to 13 minutes that is shown on So what happens to all that lost footage? Click play on the video above to watch the hilarious cuts that didn't makeRead more

What You Didn’t See on TV — Star Las Vegas Edition Jul 15, 2014

By: Star Talk Editor

It takes dozens of crew members to pull off a production as large as Food Network Star, no matter if the show is being filmed in a studio or on location. This week the show traveled to Las Vegas. Unlike when taping in Food Star Kitchen, the production team had to deal with outside elements,Read more

Meet the Hosts

Before one finalist can be crowned the newest Star, hopefuls will have to impress judge-mentors Bobby and Giada during the job interview of their lives.

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