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Food Quest takes audiences on a global culinary adventure with epicurean lifestyle leader Robin Leach and co-host, model Kim Alexis. Join them as they meet the world's finest chef's, explore their restaurants, and learn the secrets behind producing the world's most exciting and delicious foods.
Season 1, Episode 1


For Kim Alexis and Robin Leach, no place on Earth is out of reach when it comes to exploring delicious cuisine. They start their fantastic journey in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to get an inside look at a $15,000 taco from the luxury of Gran Velas Resort. Viewers then escape to the extraordinary Chateau D'esclans, to learn the secrets to one of the world's most legendary wines. Kim and Robin then travel to California and Spain, to learn about gourmet olives, before finally heading back to Mexico, where they discover the joy of delicious Hass avocados.

Oct 6
9:30am | 8:30c
Season 1, Episode 2


Food Quest heads to the birthplace of modern cuisine, Italy. Hosts Kim Alexis and Robin Leach explore how truffles are hunted in the Italian countryside and eat at one of Rome's most acclaimed restaurants, La Terrazza, located at the famous and historic Hotel Eden. Kim and Executive Chef Oliver Saucy cook with cheese, while Robin explores a popular Italian restaurant chain, and takes a closer look at one of America's most popular grill manufacturers.

Oct 20
9:30am | 8:30c
Season 1, Episode 3

Farm America

Food Quest embarks on a cross-country journey, to explore the impact of agriculture on modern cuisine. Hosts Kim Alexis and Robin Leach investigate the secrets behind food staples such as tomatoes, rice and wheat. They visit an experimental kitchen based in California's legendary Napa Valley wine country to learn about the techniques behind commercial spice production.

Oct 27
9:30am | 8:30c