The 5 Things Giada Says You Wouldn't Expect to Need When Hosting a Party

Think beyond extra bottles of wine and spare chairs, because Giada De Laurentiis has a handful of often-forgotten items that are essential when entertaining.

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Giada's Foolproof Plan

The host of Giada's Holiday Handbook shares five party-time essentials to help you pull off a seasonal soiree with ease.

"Paper Towels"

"You can never have enough kitchen towels and paper towels. Spills happen. I use tons of paper towels, especially during the holidays, also because I don't want to wash a million towels at the end. So paper towels I use all the time."

"Club Soda"

"Club soda ... gets a lot of stains out. Whether it's your dress, your carpet — so have a lot of club soda on hand."

"Serving Spoons"

"[They're] one of those things that people forget. They remember the platters and plates, but then they forget [to ask themselves] 'What are you going to serve it with?' So remember to have enough of that."

"Water Glasses"

"I think people think about cocktail glasses and wine glasses, but then they forget that everybody should stay hydrated or not just get drunk. Otherwise you have the aunt or the family member who's totally plastered 'cause they had no water. So make sure you put water glasses and you pull them out ahead of time."

"Toilet Paper"

"Nobody wants to talk about this, but if you give them something to drink — and lots to drink — they will have to use your bathroom, so make sure you have enough toilet paper for everybody and that you don’t run out. So stock up on that toilet paper."

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