Baked Mac and Cheese

Alton shares his secrets for making the perfect macaroni and cheese.

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Courtesy of Food Network Magazine, spend a day on the set of Alton Brown's quirky, successful food-science show.

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Season 13, Episode 13

Live and Let Diet

AB explains how eating from 4 basic food groups helped him lose 50 lbs without going on a diet.

Jul 26
8pm | 7c
Season 13, Episode 5

Undercover Veggies I

In an effort to tempt his niece into eating her vegetables, host Alton Brown manages to sneak them into several tasty treats.

May 17
11am | 10c
Season 0, Episode 6

Good Eats: Right on Q

Join Alton Brown for an hour-long journey into the world of home-made, tasty, smoked, pork.

Jun 5
1pm | 12c
Season 11, Episode 8

Kinda Blue (Blueberry)

Join host Alton Brown as he reveals the secret to turning this summer's superstar, the blueberry, into a year-round treat.

Aug 31
11am | 10c
Season 12, Episode 14

Pantry Raid X: Dark Side of the Cane

Long before refined sugar, molasses was the sweetener of choice. Join host Alton Brown as he digs deep in the pantry to resurrect this historic and versatile syrup.

Sep 13
11am | 10c
Season 11, Episode 8

Kinda Blue (Blueberry)

Join host Alton Brown as he reveals the secret to turning this summer's superstar, the blueberry, into a year-round treat.

Feb 5
11am | 10c
Season 9, Episode 3


Does the kabob still have a roll to play in the modern culinary carnival? Sure it does. You just need the right ingredients, the right skewers, the right heat and the right mindset.

Apr 5
11am | 10c
Season 14, Episode 18

Waiter There's A Fish In My Soup

Bouillabaisse may be a scary name, but the soup it represents doesn't have to be. In fact, if you're willing to buy some decent fish and master a few basics, it can most definitely qualify as Good Eats.

Apr 10
11am | 10c
Season 11, Episode 17

Honey, I Shrunk the Cake

Join host Alton Brown as he breaks the trend toward an overly sweet and fussy pastry and gets us back to the original chiffon cupcake that will make you feel like a kid again.

May 9
11am | 10c
Season 11, Episode 9

Bean Stalker

Join our intrepid host, Alton Brown, as he reinvents the classic green bean casserole just in time to save the holidays.

May 23
11am | 10c
Season 12, Episode 9

American Classics: Creole in a Bowl

Join host Alton Brown as he explores the many historical and cultural influences that give us a New Orleans classic, Beans and Rice.

Jun 19
11am | 10c
Season 14, Episode 20

Roll Call

Host Alton Brown harnesses the power of yeast to put classic rolls back onto the American dinner table.

Jun 21
11am | 10c
Season 13, Episode 3

Tamale Never Dies

Quite possibly the original convenience food, tamales are ancient and delicious. Join host Alton Brown on an historical and tasty exploration of these tempting treats.

Dec 22
11am | 10c

About the Show

Pop culture, comedy and plain good eating: Host Alton Brown explores the origins of ingredients, decodes culinary customs, and presents food and equipment trends. Punctuated by unusual interludes, simple preparations and unconventional discussions, he'll bring you food in its finest and funniest form.

About the Host

Alton Brown

Alton Brown, host of Good Eats, appears regularly on Food Network Star, Iron Chef America and Cutthroat Kitchen.

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