10 Signs a Restaurant Isn't Worth Your Time

Monti Carlo, the host of Help My Yelp, shares 10 red flags to look for while dining out.

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An Unwelcoming Committee

Your appetizer comes with fewer chips than the host has on his shoulder.

Dinner a la Darkness

You have to shout over the music to be heard or whip out your phone's flashlight to read the menu.

Slippery Seasonings

The salt and pepper shakers are greasy.

Messes Abound

They take their cleanliness cues from the Fratellis' restaurant in The Goonies.

A Menu with a Vengeance

The food screams "I'm going to poison you!" and means it.

A Lot of Ums and Uns

The service staff is full of uns: uneducated, unhappy, underwhelming.

Haphazard Service

The courses aren't timed properly.

Sloppy Care

Bussers hover over you asking if you're finished, meanwhile your water glass is dryer than a Monty Python sketch.

Playing the Blame Game

Mistakes aren't corrected quickly or without pushing blame.

An Untidy Loo

The bathroom looks like it was featured in an episode of Law and Order, after the crime.

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