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Lisa Lillien prepares tacos on Hungry Girl

Eat Guilt-Free with Hungry Girl

Cooking Channel star Lisa Lillien is bringing her delicious, guilt-free ideas to Food Network. Dig in!

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  • Crack open those fortune cookies! This week, Hungry Girl's got Chinese food covered. Lisa's wokking up her sizzling Veggie So Low Mein, scrumptious Shrimpylicious Egg Rolls and her succulent Sweet n' Sticky Sesame Chicken. Lisa also shares her tips and tricks for surviving a Chinese Restaurant and heads to the market to pick up her favorite Chinese ingredients. As Confucius says, don't miss this episode!

  • Life has never been sweeter at HG, because this week, Lisa's dedicated to desserts! She's got a guilt-free treat for every sweet tooth, including gooey-delicious Caramel Swirl Cream Puffs, sweet and spicy Super Simple Apple Cinnamon Crepes and divine Upside-Down Pineapple Applesauce Cake. Some dessert shockers and melt-in-your-mouth market goodies are also on the docket, as well as a super-special Secret Find that Lisa turns into her scrumptious Freezy Cool Banana Whoopee Pie.

  • 'Tis the season at HG Headquarters! When Lisa has to convince Santa that guilt-free goodies do exist, one taste of her yummy Upside-Down Pumpkin Pie is all it takes. Lisa fills out her festive menu with savory Apple & Onion Stuffing, a crave-inducing It's Not Sweet Potato Casserole, and her come-a-knockin' Rockin' Green Bean Casserole. Plus, she'll raid the HG pantry to show us some must-have seasonal ingredients, Santa will get a super fun Secret Find, and Lisa's Holiday Party Survival Guide shows us how to handle all those holiday spreads! Ho-ho-Hungry Girl!

About the Show

Lisa Lillien is not a nutritionist. She's just hungry. She's a "foodologist", whose Hungry Girl email newsletter reaches 1 million subscribers daily. She invents simple, delicious recipes that are guilt-free, satisfy cravings and taste great without adding lots of extra calories and fat grams to your daily diet. In her series, Hungry Girl stops at nothing to provide us with the answers we all need -- what to eat, what to buy, what to cook, how to read labels. She'll have lots of tips, whether at home or out in the world. Each week Hungry Girl will feature low-calorie recipes and makeovers of fatty favorites; feature survival guides for restaurants and eating situations; alert viewers to shocking (yet fun!) facts about the food we eat; and share all of her secret weapons to "chew the right thing" through her fun and inventive approach to food.

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