Ice Brigade: About the Show

Meet the ice sculptors extraordinaire behind Food Network's new show, Ice Brigade.

Winter, Comfort Food, Party

With extensive culinary training and more than 20 successful years in the ice-sculpting business, friends and business partners Randy Finch and Derek Maxfield own and operate Ice Sculptures Ltd. in Grand Rapids, Mich. Together with their team, they ideate and execute out-of-this-world ice sculptures that have been featured on national television, recognized in industry media, and included at movie premieres, celebrity galas, concerts and sporting events. Now, their extraordinary talents and projects are captured on Food Network’s prime-time series, Ice Brigade, following the team as they make awe-inspiring interactive creations like pool tables, bowling lanes, grand pianos, carousels and putt-putt courses.

Randy Finch and Derek Maxfield were two small-town Michigan boys originally drawn to the culinary arts to fulfill their love of science and art, but they eventually found their true calling in ice sculpting. Both Derek and Randy now agree that cooking was an opportunity to express themselves, socialize and lead an exciting life outside a traditional corporate setting. To make their culinary dreams a reality, they both studied Culinary Arts at local Michigan colleges. Before and after college, they both worked in restaurants honing their culinary and ice-sculpting skills. They met while serving as apprentices under Master Chef Dan Hugelier at Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Mich. They closely observed the ornate craft and stayed late after work many nights to improve their own carving skills. During this time, they realized their mutual affinity for ice carving, which would inevitably lead them to pursue a career in the business together.