Cora vs. Dumont

Ted Allen
Dana Cowin
Julie White

Challenger stats: Chef Dumont
Restaurants: Harvest in Harvard Square

Cuisine: Contemporary New England

Interests: Surfing and anything on the beach, big dinners with friends and family, collecting sauce spoons

Ideal secret ingredient: Fennel and smoked bacon

Culinary inspirations: Laurent Manrique, Alain Ducasse, Paula Wolfert and mostly, my family who is all in the restaurant business and taught me that I could do anything I put my heart into

Ideal judge: James Haller from the Blue Stawbery

Culinary secret weapon: Desire, belief, practice and sharp Misono knives

Favorite restaurant: Oliveto in Oakland, Calif.

Favorite food: Thai and sushi

Food you won't go near: Brains...they should stay in your head!

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten: Live uni out of the shell at Rungis Market in Paris at 4 am

Favorite food destination: Lunch among the grapes in Sonoma County with friends and German street food

Alternative dream job: Surfing photographer and traveling writer












(Episode: IA0507TH)